Protect Wolves from Flawed Studies


Target:  U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service

Goal: Do not remove federal protections for wolves based on flawed study

A scientific peer review has unanimously determined that the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service used flawed science as its basis for removing federal protections for wolves. According to the scientific panel, the U.S. Fish And Wildlife Service is guilty of cherry picking data that helps support the decision to delist wolves, whilst ignoring data that suggests wolves need continued protections. These findings come after the initial review panel selected by USFWS was discredited due to compromised scientific integrity and political manipulation. We must tell the USFWS that we will not be fooled by false science and political scheming. We must demand that wolves continue to receive federal protections.

During the last century wolves were completely eradicated from the lower 48 states. The U.S. government offered a bounty for those willing to shoot, trap, or poison wolves. Since wolves were reintroduced to Yellowstone Park, the species has begun to recover. Unfortunately the same interests responsible for eradicating wolves in the past are at work again to try and stamp out this iconic and ecologically important species.

In deciding to delist wolves, the USFWS is bowing to political pressure from powerful agricultural and hunting interests. The recent findings of the scientific peer review panel make it clear that the USFWS has been willing to ignore or fabricate scientific evidence in order to push forward with the delisting of wolves.

Due to the panel’s findings the U.S. Fish And Wildlife Service has extended the public comment period for 45 days. It is important that we tell them to follow the science and continue to protect wolves. The USFWS is receiving pressure from hunters and the agricultural to delist wolves before the species is recovered. It is important that the USFWS receive feedback from those of us interested in preserving wolves. Please sign this petition to demand that the USFWS does not remove protections for wolves.


Dear U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service,

It has become evident that your agency has been using flawed scientific data in order to support the politically motivated decision to remove federal protections for wolves. I am writing to express my concern over your decision to delist wolves. It is important that the USFWS base this decision on sound scientific data rather than trying to satisfy the wishes of powerful agriculture and hunting interests.

Wolves are an iconic and ecologically important species that most U.S. citizens want preserved. These wolves need continued protections in order to ensure a full and lasting recovery. Please heed the advice the scientific community and maintain federal protections for wolves.


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Photo credit: Retron via Wikimedia Commons

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  1. Sheila Jefferson says:

    Do not remove protections for wolves!!!
    Thank you!

  2. renee jeanine ragno says:

    I’ve written our representatives on both sides that an immediate investigation into this department needs to take place now in addition to an immediate cease and desist.

    What they’ve done to the wolves, the BLM to the horses — the cruelty, sadism, bloodlust show. Our tax dollars at work. they’ve shown a misuse and abuse of power and taxpayer money. someone’s been bought and it using his to satisfy disgusting desires.

    These are innocent, helpless animals crying out in confusion, fear, pain ………….WE need to do something now!!!!!!

  3. Michael Guest says:

    All right, time to get serious. I want you to know that wolves still need and deserve protection. I’m concerned that more will die. These are wild animals. Leave them be. This is science. Don’t ignore this message.

  4. The Hunters have an blood lust to go out and kill wildlife, there are no shortage of volunteers to perform this gruesome task, big business plays a very important role in the scheme of things, unfortunately people in charge can be bought. The sad thing about it is that the lobbyists have the ear of the politicians, and not the citizens that vote them into power, these people contribute to these officials war chests known as campaign funds.

  5. Barrie Hazzard says:

    Wolves and Coyotes share close to 99% DNA with dogs.Essentually these are wild and intelligent creatures who deserve federal protection not loosened regulations that allow the misguided whims of misguided killers with rifles and traps to be fulfilled.Please utilize accepted unbiased science when addressing the preservation of wildlife.The idea of killing wolves to preserve Elk or livestock to later be killed and eaten by Man is an absurd self serving concept.The only reason to remove any wildlife species from protected status is to appease those who want to be allowed legally kill them..think about it..Maybe your motto should be changed to Protect,Preserve,Remove and Kill.Maybe you should let your children make your decisions for you,because they seem to have more compassion and common sense than some adults.



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