Condemn Man for Shooting Neighbor’s Dog


Target:  Broward Sheriff Scott Israel

Goal: Condemn man for shooting and killing his neighbor’s dog

A man in Dania Beach, Florida recently shot and killed his neighbor’s pet dog. After shooting the dog, Franklin Davis drove the animal, still alive, to a trash bin a short distance away. The one-year-old pit bull died before being found by his owner. This senseless act of violence toward an animal should not be tolerated. We must urge authorities to prosecute this abhorrent act of animal cruelty to the fullest extent of the law.

Gerald Wise, the owner of the dog, was out looking for his beloved pit bull, Diesel, who had gone missing over the weekend when he heard two shots being fired. He later discovered that the shots he heard were those of his dog being shot to death by his neighbor, Franklin Davis. According to Davis, he shot the dog to defend his daughter. However, rather than finding medical assistance for the injured animal or reporting the incident to the authorities he dumped the poor dog in the trash. The dog was left to slowly die before being found

Diesel was a beloved family pet. He was not an aggressive animal and according to his owner, “would not hurt a flea”. Franklin Davis, 51 was arrested after the incident was reported. He was charged with animal cruelty and the unlawful discharge of a firearm, and is currently out on bail. We must tell authorities to prosecute this act of cruelty to the full extent of the law.


Dear Sheriff Scott Israel:

In a barbaric act of cruelty, Franklin Davis recently shot and killed his neighbor’s dog, Diesel. Instead of obtaining medical attention for the injured dog he threw the animal in the trash and left it to die. The dog was alive when he was left in the trash, but unfortunately died before he was found. Diesel was a beloved family pet with no history of aggression. Mr. Davis stated that he was protecting his daughter from the dog, but this claim is not supported by the facts.

The dog’s family has been deeply saddened by his loss. This type of unprovoked violence toward animals must not be tolerated. We must treat crimes such as this seriously. I am writing to encourage you to make sure that Franklin Davis is prosecuted to the full extent of the law for this cruel and inhumane act.


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Photo credit: Dante Allegheri via Wikimedia Commons

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  1. Another example of a Floridian with no ethics, morals, or common sense..(I can say this because live in FL and see it DAILY)

    • Get off of Florida’s back already, you yankee transplant.

    • Agree with Gina C. I now live in Texas, and have friends in Florida. We are daily disgusted with the leadership, and many of the followers, of these states. The proper macho attitude seems to be shoot first – and don’t even bother to ask questions later.

      • I was born and raised in Florida margo, and I agree with the Gina C. I was born in St. Pete, and raised mostly in rural Florida where people have a healthy fear and respect for any firearm. When you get down to places like Dade/ Broward counties, and areas in and around Orlando. This is where you hear most of the crazy stories… many immigrants and transplants flock to these areas. If they are born there, they are probably born of immigrants and transplants. They have been disgracing Florida for years and years. I’ve seen it happen.

      • “The proper macho attitude seems to be shoot first – and don’t even bother to ask questions later.”

        This has always been the Texas motto.

        • If this had been done in Texas hopefully it wouldn’t have been tolerated. We have a special little room at a special place for people like that and it’s called Huntsville Prison. That’s a slight exaggeration but wish it were true for animal killers.

  2. Really, Florida, anyway you can cede from the Nation?

    • There’s a lot of animal lovers in Florida, like me. We condemn this creep more than you do. In fact, the man is probably from up North. We have a lot of creepy snowbirds. Like you.

      • angelique_sp says:

        That’s the go-to excuse every time this shit happens: “it wern’t us…it were the out-of-staters!” Well, I’ve known PLENTY of (so-called) ‘natives’ here in FL whose antics would make your toes curl. There’s def. a weird vibe in this state…. How else would you explain voting in a criminal as our Governor? :(~

  3. he should be put in jail

  4. Sheila Jefferson says:

    Prosecute to the fullest extent!
    He is the one who deserves to be
    put in the trash! Disgusting!

  5. renee jeanine ragno says:

    This sadistic creep deserves no less than what he did to that poor helpless, innocent dog. It should be immediate….that he be turned over for medical experiments so no animals are used. let him atone, serve a purpose besides being a coward, pathetic, cruel jerk

  6. Michael Guest says:

    That is very unacceptable. Makes me so upset. Get justice for that dog, to make sure this doesn’t happen again.

  7. The poor innocent dog needs JUSTICE! Freakin phsyco!!! I hope he rots in hell & dies…
    Theres a lot of pple!!! Cant they just die? Thats why im For abortion not against. The pple who are against are dumb*** and they dont even consider what the kids are going to do when they grow up!!! Fukin pple!! Im tired of seeing, hearing etc.. I wish I was in Mars ….

  8. Well the owner should have looked after their dog better and not let it wonder. The guy has a right to defend himself and family against a dog. Dog owners seem to think they can let the dog wander anywhere and harm people and livestock or other pets and get away with it and that people should put the wandering dogs safty above their own, no if a vicious dog is wandering and harming people or killing pets , then shoot it. that death is the fault of the dog owner, not the person attacked.

  9. Janice Phelps says:

    Until laws are strengthend. And stiffer penalties imposed for these scumbags, nothing will change. They always get a slap on the wrist. Give me five minutes with this F***ing coward. Needs a ball bat shoved up his ass

  10. Brenda Goldberg says:

    what ever happen to the man that shot Disel

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