Justice for Horses Allegedly Forced to Drag Objects Around With Heavy Chains

Target: Asa A. Skinner, District Attorney for Vernon Parish, Louisiana

Goal: Demand that the man who allegedly tied large objects to his horses’ necks with heavy chains receive the maximum penalty under law.

Two horses were allegedly tied up with heavy chains and forced to drag heavy objects with their necks. One horse had to be put down due to the extent of his injury. Demand justice for these innocent horses.

“One horse was dragging around a car tire on the end of its chain, while the other was dragging a very old-fashioned car jack,” stated Sheriff Sam Craft. The heavy chains reportedly cut into the horses’ necks, causing significant injury. One horse had to be put down to ease its suffering.

The remaining horses were removed from the property and relocated to a sanctuary ranch. Isaac Grant, the horses’ owner, was arrested and charged with two counts of aggravated cruelty to animals. Sign below and demand that Grant receive the maximum penalty, if convicted.


Dear District Attorney Skinner,

Two horses suffered tremendously when they were allegedly forced to drag heavy objects around by their necks. Per investigators, thick chains cut into the horses’ skin and caused significant injury. We demand justice for these innocent horses.

Sheriff Craft of the Vernon County Sheriff’s Office was called to Isaac Grant’s property after receiving a concerned call about the horses living in unhealthy conditions. There, he reportedly found two horses tied to heavy objects, one to a car tire and another to an old-fashioned car jack. One of the horses had to be put down due to his injuries.

This horrific abuse cannot go unpunished. We demand that you seek the maximum penalty in this case.


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Photo Credit: kirschkuh

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  1. They’ve got the guy, now do something about it. Fine and jail time is almost not enough for this POS.

  2. Dear Mr. Asa A. Skinner, District Attorney for Vernon Parish, Louisiana

    Please demand that Isaac Grant who allegedly tied large objects to his horses’ necks with heavy chains receive the maximum penalty under law.
    Isaac Grant is a very disturbed person and needs court appointed counseling along with jail time and never being allowed to own any animal ever again.
    D. Page
    Love and peace to all the animals of the world.

  3. JNDauterive says:

    This needs to be taken seriously, please. I am a Louisiana resident that joins with all my friends and neighbors to say that animal cruelty has no place in modern society, and should be prosecuted to the fullest extent possible. Thank you for your time and attention to making the message clear: Animal neglect and cruelty will not be tolerated in Lousiana.

  4. There must be real and meaningful consequences for animal abusers. Please support organizations that are fighting to implement and strengthen animal protection laws, such as In Defense of Animals, Animal Legal Defense Fund, Physicians Committee, US Humane Society and PETA. Speak out, protest abuse and give financially however you can!

  5. MAX PENALTY FOR THIS LOW LIFE BASTARD Isaac Grant!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. Rosslyn Osborne says:

    “Ye must not only have kind and merciful feelings for mankind, but ye should also exercise the utmost kindness towards every living creature.
    The physical sensibilities and instincts are common to animal and man.
    Man is, however, negligent of this reality and imagines that sensibility is peculiar to mankind, therefore he practices cruelty to the animal…..
    In reality what difference is there in physical sensations! Sensibility is the same whether you harm man or animal: there is no difference. Nay, rather, cruelty to the animal is more painful because man has a tongue and he sighs, complains and groans when he receives an injury and complains to the government and the government protects him from cruelty; but the poor animal cannot speak, it can neither show its suffering nor is it able to appeal to the government.
    If it is harmed a thousand times by man it is not able to defend itself in words nor can it seek justice or retaliate…..
    Therefore one must be very considerate towards animals and show greater kindness to them than to man…. Man is generally sinful and the animal is innocent; unquestionably one must be more kind and merciful to the innocent”. Baha’i Faith Writings

  7. Until humans, I mean real humans start dealing with maggot shit like this man it will never stop. Judges, courts don’t care about animals. This piece of shit will have nothing done to him and some poor animal will endure the same torture as these did. the bastard needs to die!

  8. Iris Owens says:

    If judges would give these sorry excuses for humans many many years in jail, maybe they would think twice before they tortured an animal. The big problem is judges don’t seem to care about animals.

  9. Renee Risser says:

    The owner should also be made to pay for his horses upkeep at the sanctuary. This is pre-meditated abuse and our society cannot condone this any longer.

  10. Typical of Louisiana!!!!God dammed red necks,no brains,!!!!!!!!

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