Police Dog Killed in Hot Squad Truck Deserves Justice

Target: Chad Jensen, Cache County Sheriff, Utah

Goal: Demand that the officer who allegedly allowed his K-9 partner to die in a hot patrol truck be removed from duty.

A police officer has been charged with aggravated animal cruelty after he apparently left a K-9 service dog unattended in his patrol truck after his shift during 100 degree heat, killing him. The Cache County sheriff’s deputy has been put on unpaid leave, but will evidently be reassigned within the department upon his return.

According to court documents, officer Jason Whittier had “inexplicably” left his dog, a Belgian Malinois named Endy, secured in his truck after parking it along the south side of his home where there was little or no shade. He then left the truck for nearly 11 hours before returning and finding the dog dead from heat stroke.

If the allegations are true, this is a gross example of negligence which must not be tolerated in law enforcement. Sign this petition to demand that this deputy be removed from active duty and that more be done to ensure that tragic incidents such as this will not occur in the future.


Dear Sheriff Jensen,

A K-9 officer name Endy has died after his caregiver allegedly forgot about him and left him unattended in a hot patrol vehicle during extreme summer heat. This is not merely an issue of an officer being “distracted”; it is a serious offense which must be addressed as such. The officer, Jason Whittier, now faces aggravated animal cruelty charges for his alleged role in causing Endy’s horrible death.

Please address this issue and bring justice for Endy by ensuring that this officer is removed from your department. We also demand that you commit to revised training and new technologies, such as end-of-shift collars, which will help prevent horrific incidents like this from occurring again.


[Your Name Here]

Photo Credit: Cache County Sheriff’s Office

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  1. Karen baildon says:

    Bet the dog was a better cop than him

  2. secure Chad Jensen in a vehicle with 100 degree temps for 11 hours like he did this poor dog. Ashamed to say the dog was his partner.

  3. For one thing how do you leave a dog that size a German shepherd according to the picture how do you forget to take your dog out of the car . How do you not see him . I just don’t understand that . I have a Rottweiler there’s no way in hell I cannot see him when I get out of the car no less leave my dog in the car . I’m glad to see that he was taken off of his job and unpaid salary but he needs to do the maximum time for that poor dog . that was his partner how can anybody trust him if he forgot about his dog in the car I wouldn’t trust him to have my back .don’t let him get away with this. cops need to take responsibility for their actions

  4. christine warman says:

    Whay was these so called policeman doing for 11 hours leaving this poor dog to die in agony in his car,he should be dismissed from the police force all together,if he cannot look after his dog he must be rubbish at everything else,these people are the pits,shame someone does not lock him up in his car in the sun.

  5. How in the world don’t COPS know this?!?! Are they all incredibly STUPID these days, or just have no hearts??? This particular bastard needs locking up, where the other prisoners can make HIM suffer in kind!

  6. Shame on him, these are their front line men, they are the ones who keep “YOU” from getting shot first and this is how you treat him???, I hope the charges are severe and shame for being so irresponsible, I only hope common sense prevails and you are never allowed to have a police dog or any animal as you clearly are not capable of taking care of one..

  7. Would you leave your kid in a smoldering hot car? I didn’t think so.

  8. This man isn’t fit to be an officer.If he is so stupid and careless to leave his partner in a hot car,there is no way he can be trusted to serve the public.This man is a moron.Seems his donuts were more important. It’s appalling that lately the news has been filled with incompetent cops with trigger fingers. Where are they getting their training?? Makes it hard for people to have respect for the good ones that are doing their jobs.

  9. What I don;’ understand in this terrible and preventable situation is, didn’t Chad Jensen think at any time during the 11 hours he left this poor dog to suffer, that the dog would need feeding or something.
    If he had gone to care for this dog, he then would have realised that he had left him in the car.
    Tis guy is not fit to be a police officer and should not be reassigned. He showed no duty of care.
    I would certainly notice if I had not seen any of our pets in 11 hours.
    Shameful !!

  10. This pathetic excuse for a cop should be sacked and then serve time for this.The dog is a work colleague and if he had left his human colleague in a car and they died he would be charged,locked up and sacked.It should be no different for leaving the dog in the car.The other thing is if he forgot the dog was in the car he is NOT fit to be a police officer. We need alert,bright police officers not thick, forgetful dickheads like this wanker..

  11. That happened here in Central FL too… It makes you wonder how the hell these stupid forgetful people can be police officers?!? I think at the least they should be fined, have to make retribution for the loss of the dog and should definitely be fired!

  12. Stupid idiot – what WAS he thinking????
    Yes, anyone can make a mistake and take a little longer doing something than planned to – BUT LEAVE YOUR CAR RUNNING WITH THE AIR CONDITIONER ON!!! POLICE OFFICERS KNOW THIS – THEY SHOULD KNOW THIS. Just the other day I saw heard a dog bark in the back seat of a Police car, and the Police Officer came out of the store within 3 minutes, AND HE HAD HIS CAR RUNNING WITH THE AIR CONDITIONER ON FOR THE DOG – HIS K9 DOG.

  13. Tia Faggiano says:

    Wtf kinda Cop would forget his Partner in a Hot Car?? R u kidding me! Yea this Cop needs to be held Responsible for his Partner he forgot in a hot car! This world is going down the tubes Fast!!! Poor dogs! Cmon punishment is Needed for this Stupid Cop! Sad very SAD! I’m actually Disgusted!
    Good luck

  14. Marsha Brink says:

    Officer needs to be punished….just as if he were not an officer. I always find it hard to believe that anyone could leave their dog their child behind in a car that they just got out of. anyway this poor dog died with a heat stroke I’m sure the officer is very upset sad and disgusted in himself however he still needs to be punished

  15. Life sentence for this stupid, justice for dog!

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