Woman Accused of Allowing Starving Dog to Die in Feces Filled Room Must be Prosecuted

Target: R.J. Larizza, Flagler County State’s Attorney

Goal: Seek the maximum punishment for woman who allegedly allowed dog to suffer to death from neglect.

Two young pit bull mixes were reportedly found in a garage, neglected so badly that one died. The animal control officer says the dogs were extremely emaciated and that their ribs, vertebra and hind quarter and hip bones were protruding. One dog, who appeared dead, was lying on a wet rug in the feces-filled kennel. The living conditions were awful. Flies surrounded the animals, and one dog had only a bowl of dirty water and fruit.

The owner, Georgia Rose, had surrendered the dogs, named Asher and Remi, to the local humane society only to later reclaim them. Now, one of them is dead, and the other has suffered unimaginable neglect. The animal hospital made a report about a dog who was either in dire need of medical treatment or already dead. That’s when an animal control officer went to the woman’s residence. There, the officer says he found that the place had no ventilation and smelled of ammonia from the urine. He also stated that some food, along with cardboard, was swept up into a pile in the garage floor next to a kennel. Piles of trash, furniture, and old tires also littered the garage.

According to reports, animal control officers showed up for regular checks on the conditions, but they were always met with demands to leave the property. They say the Roses were given weeks to seek medical treatment for the dogs, but it never happened. Rose has since been arrested, but that doesn’t change the suffering these innocent animals were forced to endure. Please add your name to the petition below to demand that they get the justice they deserve.


Dear Mr. Larizza,

Two pit bull mixes were reportedly found extremely emaciated and living in deplorable conditions. Animal control officers reportedly gave the owner weeks to seek medical treatment for the animals, but one ended up dying. The other was found lying in a kennel full of feces and urine without appropriate food or water.

We, the undersigned, are calling on you to bring these innocent dogs justice. Please see to it that this woman is punished to the maximum extent and never allowed to own animals again, if found guilty.


[Your Name Here]

Photo credit: Flagler County Sheriff’s Office

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  1. What the heck? Why not bring the dog somewhere he would have had a chance to live. I hate people. They are the worse race in the world. NEVER ALLOW THIS PERSON TO EVER OWN AN AMINAL EVER EVER EVER

  2. I’d love to bash the skulls in of these fiends but not enough to kill them…no….I’d tie them up and gorge myself on food while they watched…starving and suffering. Little by little I’d remove pieces of them and toss the pieces in trash. THAT’S HOW SLIME LIKE THESE CUNTS SHOULD BE TREATED!!!

  3. christopher charles says:

    Damn people need the same treatment. . Eye for an eye… only way they will learn..

  4. treat these people the same way they treated these poor animals lock them up and starve them and let them die on a pile of feces that’s all they’re good for we don’t need subhumans in this world

  5. Punishment to the fullest….and no more animals for these evil people!! I would like to see time in the klinker and a good stiff fine for these evil low life’s .


  7. Why the HELL do they give the dogs back to that woman?? Our tax dollars hard at work yet again giving the damn criminals more rights than law abiding, sane, non animal abusing, citizens!! We have to start severely punishing these people or its just going to continue getting worse.

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