Stop Exploiting Baby Wild Animals in Storefront Petting Zoo

Target: Jeff Lowe, Owner of Neon Jungle OKC

Goal: Do not reopen cruel storefront petting zoo in Las Vegas after the closing of the Oklahoma City location.

In what he referred to as “entirely a business decision,” Jeff Lowe, the owner of the now-closed storefront petting zoo Neon Jungle OKC plans to reopen in a new location in Las Vegas, where he foresees making over $10,000 a day. The original location in Oklahoma City received daily transfers of vulnerable baby animals, including tiger, lemur, and bear cubs, and exploited them for $25 photographs and play sessions.

The organization that transfers these animals is the Greater Wynnewood Exotic Animal Park (G. W. Zoo), also owned by Mr. Lowe. It is known for breeding and separating big-cat cubs from their mothers at an extremely young age, sometimes less than four weeks. PETA requested USDA investigations of zoos that receive these cubs. Inspections of one such zoo — Special Memories Zoo in Wisconsin — showed a number of offenses such as empty water bowls, rodent droppings around animals’ food, and huge piles of feces inside animals’ shelters. If a new storefront petting zoo location is opened in Las Vegas, it will also continue giving business to G. W. Zoo, enabling more transfers of these helpless cubs. These wild animals should not be exploited for entertainment and profit. Sign below to demand that this storefront petting zoo remain closed.


Dear Mr. Lowe,

It is irresponsible and inhumane to exploit baby wild animals by separating them from their parents and using them for photo ops and play sessions inside a store. In addition, the company used by your former storefront petting zoo location to obtain and transfer these helpless animals has developed a reputation for the questionable way it treats its animals.

After choosing to close the doors of the Oklahoma City location of Neon Jungle OKC, I hope you will consider stopping the exploitation of these innocent animals. Please consider their safety and well-being before using them for entertainment and profit. I urge you not to reopen another storefront petting zoo in Las Vegas.


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Photo Credit: Chris Watson

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    He will need a permit. I suggest targeting the municipal department responsible for issuing said permit rather than Mr. Lowe. We already know he doesn’t care about the animals’ welfare.

  2. Margaret Melnick says:

    End this animal abuse. Charge him and take his animals to a safe place.

  3. Candy Niewinski says:

    This is so wrong, and it always ends bad for the animals, this should not happen!

  4. sheila menache says:

    Baby animals like human babies do not like being handled by all and sundry – please stop this nonsense

  5. Sugandha N. says:

    We should put him on display and see how he likes it.

  6. This should not be allowed ever again. Baby animals belong with their mothers and should not be subjected to handling by the public just for the sake of making a profit. I am disgusted with this being allowed to happen.

  7. I posted on Las Vegas City fb page. He is a piece of crap!

  8. You are all complete fucking morons. I dedicate my entire life caring for, rescuing, rehoming and providing the best medical care any animal could receive.

    You want them all back in the wild? Then each and every one of you should stop purchasing items that desimates their natural habitats.

    It’s a very small percentage of people that agree with your extremist opinions, thats why its such a popular attraction. If a single one of you owns a dog or a cat, do you kid yourself that it was not seperated from its mother at a young age?

    I walked a tiger cub right into a PeTA protest and watched six protesters reach out to pet the baby lion I was carrying.

    You can’t and you won’t stop me from educating people and at the same time, raise money to support the 247 displaced lions and tigers that I house at my zoo.

    (844) PETA-CUB. or. (833) PETA-CUB

  9. take these animals away from him and have them put into a sanctuary don’t let him or any one else do this

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