Condemn Squirrel Killing Contest

Baby Squirrel - Nuzrath Nuzree - Public Domain Pictures

Target: Chief Pete Hendrickson, Holly Fire Department

Goal: Stop the senseless killing of squirrels as part of a fundraising contest for a fire department

Every year the Fire Department in Holly, New York holds a fundraising contest where people rack up squirrel kills to win money and guns. This barbaric contest glorifies guns and devalues life as children are encouraged to kill as many small, defenseless, animals as they can. Demand the end to this horribly misguided fundraiser.

The annual Holly Squirrel Slam is a fundraising contest for the Holly Fire Department during which people, both children and adults, are rewarded for the mass killing of squirrels. After a day of slaughtering as many as they can, the hunters take the corpses to the fire department for a weigh-in. Prizes of cash and guns are awarded for things like “Heaviest Squirrel” and “Most Kills”.

There are strong correlations between how people empathize with animals and how well they can empathize with other people.  Animal killing contests teach children that the lives of these animals have no value and devalue life in general. They are not being hunted for food or population control, it’s killing purely for sport and entertainment. In a country becoming increasingly more violent, children should not be taught to thoughtlessly slaughter defenseless animals.

Condemn this misguided fundraiser and demand the end to contest killing.


Dear Chief Hendrickson,

The annual Squirrel Slam hosted by the Holly Fire Department is sending the wrong message about the value of life and animal conservation to the young people of Holly, New York.  Hunting for food and population control can be important components for protecting the overall health of some species of animals, particularly in places where their natural predators have been decimated or removed, but the Squirrel Slam is the mass killing of animals solely for entertainment.

Teaching children that killing as many animals as possible results in rewards devalues the life of those animals and decreases a child’s empathy for other creatures. Studies have shown direct correlations between the ability of people to empathize with animals and how well they can empathize with other human beings. Other studies show that cruelty to animals as a child is a key indicator of violent behavior towards people later in life. How we teach children to treat animals matters.

Chief Hendrickson, find a new way to raise funds to support the work being done by the Holly Fire Department. Animal killing contests have no place in our society and teach the wrong lessons to children about the value of life and empathy towards both animals and other people. Stop this horrifically misguided contest.


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Photo Credit: Nuzrath Nuzree via Public Domain Pictures

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  1. Mohan chatterjee Mohan chatterjee says:

    Stop this barbaric contest which encourages children to kill heartlessly innocent small animals.

  2. When I saw this I thought it was an internet joke . It cant be true in 2014 that people find a “FAMILY FUN DAY” in killing. I am shocked its so utterly depressing that anyone would even think this fundraising method should exist. Its completely soul destroying, there is no hope for us.

  3. Sorry for the harsh language, but that’s fucking horrible! FUCKING HORRIBLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I can’t believe it!!!

  4. What is wrong with these humans?

  5. Sharon Lawson says:

    Are people seriously backward in thinking. Why do some people in the US seem to want to shoot everything. For being a civilised nation they do the most uncivilised things. Surely they could use decoy ducks or clay pigeons not live animals. It’s like Deliverance country?!!

  6. Shame on you!
    It’s horrorable!

  7. colleen van der Linde says:

    How do you sleep at night….shame on you.

  8. Ralf Kurzowski says:

    Ummm first before you go slamming people and/or events you need to understand it is Holley (with an E) not Holly. Just to set it straight there are an abundance of squirrels in the Holley (I spelled it right) area. These cute and adorable critters can be very destructive. I am not for or against but want to put my two cents worth here. Like deer hunting it is a controlled situation to hunt them. By doing so you thin the herd so that there is a controlled population, the weak are taken leaving the stronger to survive. Too many squirrels can also be a problem. Would you like to have squirrels chewing through you outside cable, telephone or worse yet electrical wires? The latter can and has caused house fires. Too many squirrels can also mean less food for others. Just a few of my thought.

    • Mark Mansfield says:

      “Like deer hunting it is a controlled situation to hunt them. By doing so you thin the herd so that there is a controlled population, the weak are taken leaving the stronger to survive.” With all due respect, this is a common misconception deliberately disseminated by pro-hunters. Hunters typically do not hunt the “weak,” while natural predators do. In effect, hunters turn natural selection on its head, by going after the strongest, healthiest, and largest of any species, typically the males. (In the case of squirrel hunting, the madness to the method is even more pronounced, in that these animals are killed randomly and near chaotically in this sorts of hunts.)

      Hunters target the “largest and strongest males … This also disrupts the natural 1:1 male to female birth ratio of animals, leaving a disproportionate number of females, which will inevitably produce more in the subsequent years to the point of overpopulation. Both of these practices disrupt natural selection. … The absence of predators is almost entirely due to human intervention through excessive hunting and habitat destruction. Predators have been systematically eliminated to provide habitat for game species. When natural predators are reintroduced there is absolutely no need for hunters to do any favours. The reintroduction of predators is the most effective and natural wildlife management tool. Natural predators help keep a prey species healthy and optimum by killing only the weak or sick not the large, strong trophy animals that hunters kill.”

      Finally, hunting squirrels to win cash prizes and guns debases how we, as human beings, value life, and sends a terribly inappropriate message to the children who are permitted to engage in this so-called “Squirrel Slam.” These animals are being killed and many will end up maimed and die slow, horrible, and utterly unjustiable deaths — there are many ways available to handle squirrel infestations. This is not one.

  9. I’m assuming all of you pathetic, whiney excuses for humans are vegans, right? A good Squirrel hunt is about as much fun as is legal with your clothes on. I just wishi was close enough to participate.

    • You’re the only one that’s pathetic, having no compassion for animals! You’ll probably abuse your wife and kids (if anyone would actually have you!). Best of luck with all the diseases you’re going to get from eating bacon (carcinogenic) and pork (with parasites),and other meats with chemicals and growth hormones and dairy products contsining pus abd other chemicals hich are all killers.

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