Person Feeding Glass-Filled Meat to Dogs Must be Caught

Target: David Pughes Interim Chief of Police, Dallas, Texas

Goal: Find and severely punish the person responsible for feeding glass-filled meat to neighborhood pets.

Two pet owners in one neighborhood have found raw meat mixed with glass shards in their back yards. The owners originally thought the glass-filled meat was just someone’s way of targeting coyotes until it kept appearing in their yards. Both of the pet owners have found the deadly concoction on two separate occasions. It is believed that someone is deliberately targeting the dogs in the neighborhood.

“I just started crying because all I could think about was if my dogs had gotten ahold of it,” said Cathi Holtsclaw, one of the dog owners targeted. Holtsclaw’s next door neighbor also found the disturbing meatballs in his backyard. Since other residents may have been targeted as well, the police are asking for them to come forward so that they can get a better idea of what’s going on.

Unfortunately, it appears that the police aren’t planning to take action to stop the person doing this, not until an animal is actually injured or killed anyways. According to Public Information Officer Debra Webb, “because no animals were harmed, they could not pursue a cruelty to animals offense.” However, Dallas’ Health and Safety Code prohibits a person from “intentionally, knowingly or recklessly cruelly treating an animal.”

The person who’s trying to kill innocent pets in this sadistic manner will continue doing so until an animal is hurt or killed. That is why we must pressure authorities to take this cruelty seriously. Please sign this petition to demand that authorities find and punish the person responsible.


Dear Mr. Brown,

Two pet owners found raw meat that had been mixed with glass shards in their back yards. The two people say that the meat was placed in their yard on two different occasions.

It seems clear that some sadistic person is targeting innocent pets. This should be illegal. We, the undersigned, are urging you to get involved and ensure that this person is found and severely punished.


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  1. Bring back ‘The Stocks’ put him in there and force feed him the mix and also a few other interesting cocktails. I think that would be an interesting spectacle. Quite a show to let him know how much we care.

  2. Catherine Dugan says:

    What kind of person would do that to an animal! How cruel and inhumane this person is! They deserve to be arrested for animal abuse!

  3. nilda Rippon says:

    This inhumane abuser and poisoning innocent Defenseless helpless voiceless created from God should be STOP And END For feeding meat with glass, this evil should be find out and that meat mix with glass should be feed to you thats the same as you did to the dogs and cats. Your Bastardo.

  4. I can only hope someone feeds the person doing this enough rat poison that they die a slow and horrific death.Piece of filth…

  5. Lisa Zarafonetis says:

    Shove this tainted meat down the p. o. s. throat + up the ass @ same time❗️?
    Signed & shared ?

  6. Marilyn Glasgow says:

    Oh surprise, surprise. The cops are doing nothing.

  7. as usual it’s only dogs so the law won’t do anything it’s about time things changed and these creeps that do things to innocent animals have the same done to them

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