Make Cockfighting a Felony

Cockfight - Jean-Marie Hullot via Fotopedia

Target: Utah State Senator Gene Davis

Goal: Make the inhumane practice of cockfighting a felony

Cockfighting is a cruel practice where two birds known as gamecocks, bred for their aggression, are made to fight until one of the birds wins. Generally, the losing bird is killed during the fight and the surviving bird is often seriously injured. Currently in Utah cockfighting is only a misdemeanor offense, but a new bill has been introduced to make this horrendous practice a felony. Tell Utah State Senator Gene Davis that you support the new cockfighting bill and urge the Utah legislature to pass it and make cockfighting a felony.

Gamecocks endure cruel training regimes to increase their aggression, speed, and balance. They are often given steroids to make them fearless and stronger. Their combs and waddles are removed and artificial metal spurs are attached to their legs to make them more lethal. While roosters will fight in the wild to establish dominance, the fights generally do not result in serious injury or death. In a cockfight the birds are forced to keep fighting, often resulting in punctured lungs, broken bones, and pierced eyes.

Cockfighting is illegal in all 50 states, but only a felony in 39 of them. In Utah it is only considered a misdemeanor offense. The winner of a cockfight can win tens of thousands of dollars, so having to pay a fine if they are caught is not much of a deterrent. In addition, cockfighting is frequently associated with illegal drugs, weapons, and organized crime.

Support a new bill sponsored by Utah State Senator Gene Davis to make cockfighting a felony offense in the state of Utah and urge the Utah legislature to pass this bill.


Dear Mr. Davis,

I support your efforts to make the cruel practice of cockfighting a felony offense in the state of Utah. These gamecocks are bred, trained, and drugged for extreme aggression with fights resulting in punctured lungs, broken bones, pierced eyes, and death. Artificial spurs are secured to their legs, often 3 inch razor sharp spikes, to increase the blood flow and damage caused. These animals are mutilated for entertainment.

While roosters will fight for dominance in the wild, those skirmishes rarely result in injury and end as soon as the pecking order is established. What these gamecocks are being forced to do is unnatural. In addition, the practice of cockfighting is often accompanied by illegal drugs, guns, and organized crime.  In many other states, even just attending a cockfight is illegal.

The current misdemeanor status of cockfighting in the state of Utah does not act as a deterrent. When fight winners can make tens of thousands of dollars, the prospect of a fine and a slap on the wrist won’t stop them. Mr. Davis, I fully support your efforts to make cockfighting a felony in Utah and I urge the Utah legislature to pass this important bill.


[Your Name Here]

Photo Credit: Jean-Marie Hullot via Fotopedia

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  1. This is the 21st century!? If you want to gamble, go to the races, if you want to watch something get beaten up go to a boxing match, if you want to get covered in blood, go work at a butchers or something.

  2. Mohan chatterjee Mohan chatterjee says:

    Make brutal cockfighting a felony offence.There are so many ways of gambling without harming animals.

  3. Rejanne Albuquerque says:

    It’s depressing to see animals fighting but it’s worse to know men do it for money. It must be considered a felony.

  4. Sheila Jefferson says:

    Thank you Mr.Davis, I full support your efforts!
    All inhumane treatment of all animals should
    be a felony!
    Disgusting barbarians!

  5. I am sickened by the things the human race does, to watch such wonderful things fight for fun is sickening, what do people get out of such horror, they must be lacking something in their brains, no ordinary person would watch such a thing, or even think of something so bloody awful. I hope they all end up with some really bad illness caused by chickens, if only.

  6. E’ incredibile quanto puo’ essere stupido e cattivo l’essere umano…

  7. Make it ILLEGAL!!!!! The govt is stupid!!!! They dont do sh** about animal abuse!!!! I bet if it was some pesty kids, theyll be like ” oh lets save them! Help pple!” I wouldnt help a human!!! I DONT help kids or adults( unless its some old person that needs help)Period. I hate the human race. Kids should die!!! Whats the diff with an innocent animal????

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