Stop Illegal Sale of Animals at Swap Meet

Target: Neil and Mitch Burson, Owners of Cherry Auction, Fresno CA

Goal: Do not continue to allow the sale of animals at swap meet, which is forbidden by state law.

An animal vendor who recently had almost 1,000 animals taken from him because of the alleged inhumane conditions in which they were kept is selling again, at a swap meet that reportedly allows animal sales despite the fact that it is illegal. Cherry Auction is a swap meet in Fresno, CA, where state law forbids the sale of live animals in a swap meet setting. However, management allows animal sales to continue and even advertises them, despite the fact that they cannot ensure these animals are well taken-care of.

Juan Mendoza was one of the vendors at the auction, selling birds, ducks, and pigs even after an Animal Control officer seized nearly 1,000 animals from his home. The animals had been inside a box truck, without air conditioning and some without water, while temperatures inside the truck reached 107 degrees. Almost a quarter of the animals died not long after they were taken from Mendoza.

He was still able to sell at the large-scale Cherry Auction swap meet, however. Cherry Auction began in 1920 with the sale of livestock and farm animals, but presently does not comply with the state law that forbids the sale of animals at swap meets in California. This enables mistreatment of animals, and must be stopped. Sign below to demand that Cherry Auction obey the law, protect innocent animals, and stop allowing them to be sold at their swap meet.


Dear Mr. Burson,

The sale of animals at a swap meet is illegal in the state of California, and should not be condoned or allowed at Cherry Auction. At least one animal vendor who has been a part of the swap meet had animals taken from his home by Animal Control officers because of the alleged inhumane conditions they were living in.

Almost 1,000 animals were taken from Juan Mendoza’s home, and a quarter of them died shortly afterwards because they had been put inside a box truck that reached 107 degrees, without air conditioning or sufficient water. Cherry Auction is not only breaking the law by allowing vendors like this to sell animals at the swap meet, but is also encouraging this sort of inhumane treatment of innocent animals that vendors see as nothing but business or profit. I urge you to follow the law of the state and disallow the sale of animals at Cherry Auction swap meet.


[Your Name Here]

Photo Credit: Krotz

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  1. Why is this allowed to continue if it is illegal? Where are the law enforcement officers? These people should be arrested!

  2. KatWrangler WELCH says:

    Illegal, and still going on!?! Who’s being paid off to look the other way. ALL of these scumbags should rot in Hell.

    LAWS are only as good as their enforcement.
    Start treating these cases like crimes, and get rid of the offenders. Any way possible.

  3. Susan Duplantis says:

    Illegal selling animals but somebody is being paid off. Instant Death to animal and child abusers!!

  4. Cynthia Mattera says:

    If selling living beings is illegal, why are the local cops not shutting down this “hell hole” ? I don’t understand????
    These poor animals are being sold to God knows who, kept out I the heat or inside trucks with no air and no water. Most I’m sure die from dehydration. Please, arrest the owner of this Swap Meet and shut it down!!!!

  5. This is horrific animal abuse and those involved mus be severely punished!! Call ALDF.ORG, PETS or any other large animal organization with top notch attorneys who can help stop this insanity!! WHAT IS THE MATTER WITH HUMANS THAT THINK IT IS OK TO ABUSE AND TORTURE ANIMALS????? WE MUST ALL TAKE A STAND AND TAKE ACTION TO STOP THIS.

  6. Richard Hofman Richard Hofman says:

    For what the poor US Tax payer must pay its moneys to a lazy Government’s clerks who are milking all the country like cancers….
    There is 21 century in the country but the animals rights at an Stone Age!

  7. What meat????? Are they stupid or what, there is only feathers and bones in that little body, which you would have to separate or do they eat them whole? because that is what you would expect from such PRIMITIVES!!!!!! I guess they even eat them alive.

  8. where the hell are the laws why are they allowed to do this the sick sadistic creeps

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