Justice for 72 Dogs Allegedly Suffering in Cruel Puppy Mill

Target: Paul Connick Jr., District Attorney of Jefferson Parish, Louisiana

Goal: Seek the maximum possible penalty for the people involved in a suspected puppy mill where 72 dogs were being kept in deplorable conditions for the purpose of breeding and selling.

Over 70 dogs were reportedly seized from a suspected puppy mill business called Hurricane Bullies. Also seized were 19 feral cats who were locked in kennels. At least two of the dogs died, and many of the others were suffering from health conditions like heart murmurs, said officials. Their ears were also cropped and their tails docked. Officials found two separate houses where the puppies were reportedly being held. According to authorities, one of the houses had 48 dogs, including 33 breeding females. The dogs found in the second house were reportedly kept in deplorable conditions, and had little to no food or water. Authorities also said that the odor of ammonia was overwhelming, Other signs of this being a puppy mill included items found by authorities such as prescription pain medication for dogs, empty bottles of injectable antibiotics, prenatal vitamins, homemade incubators, and heart-worm medications.

The Hurricane Bullies website had the American bully puppies for sale between $4,000 – $5,000. Six people are facing charges for their involvement in the alleged puppy mill. The animals are currently being kept at an animal control facility, but the owner has already filed for a motion to get them back. If this happens, these innocent animals will likely suffer, and even more will end up dead. To make matters worse, the people involved in this cruel business tend to be repeat offenders. That’s why it’s imperative that we pressure authorities to see to it that these people are never allowed to harm any more animals. Please sign the petition below to demand that they be given the maximum penalty possible.


Dear Mr. Connick Jr.,

Over 70 dogs were seized when authorities found what appears to be a puppy mill business where American bullies were being sold for thousands of dollars. The dogs were being held in two separate houses, according to authorities, who say at least two of the dogs died. The rest of the animals were kept in deplorable conditions and most of them had serious health conditions like heart murmurs.

This is a disgusting form of animal cruelty, breeding innocent animals and forcing them to endure suffering just for money. We, the undersigned, are calling on you to see to it that these people are not able to become repeat offenders and harm more animals. We urge you to seek the maximum possible penalty for the people involved in the suspected puppy mill.


[Your Name Here]

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  1. Linda Hilty-Tuttle says:

    Mr. Connick Jr., This is a disgusting form of animal cruelty, breeding innocent animals and forcing them to endure suffering just for MONEY! I haven’t heard anything good about a puppy mill, yet. ALL PUPPY MILLS NEED TO BE SHUT DOWN NOW AND PERMANENTLY!!!

  2. This is cruel and horrific. The poor dogs must suffer so much pain and distress. The scum people who do this do not care about animal welfare just money. They should be banned from ever keeping animal’s again and should be punished severely.

  3. We must purge these horrific, heartless, rotten, greedy, abusing lowlife people from the planet!

  4. louis gauci says:

    This cruel and abusive trade should be banned once and for all. These things are happening all year round and lawmakers should take action to eliminate greedy and selfish individuals from continuing exploiting these helpless animals.

  5. With the overwhelming statistics regarding the staggering number of cats and dogs being euphanized each year, why would s breeding even legal at all? And who are the idiots that support these backyard breeders anyway? Get an education people! There’s a solution for this, stop purchasing and breeding. Let’s save the animals that already exist PLEASE!!!

  6. Cynthia Mattera says:

    These breeders need to stop living off the misery of helpless animals and get a REAL JOB!!! Throw their butts in jail and fine them. Please don’t let them get away with this abuse with just a slap on the wrist. Animals suffered at the hands of these monsters and some paid with their lifes 🙁

  7. Why is it that nobody ever does anything about these puppy mills until the dogs are so sick they are dying

  8. People that could do this just for money are sick!!! And should be put on a list with a video of them after they get out of prison so they cannot ever have any kind of animal ever!! We need to have better laws on this sick crime and they need to have to spend time behind bars all of them!!!!

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