Thank Corporation for Saving Moon Bears

Moon Bear - Art G - Flickr

Target: Mr. Wei Qing, Microsoft Windows and Surface Business Group Lead

Goal: Thank Microsoft for helping Animals Asia educate people and raise awareness about the cruelty of bear bile farming

An estimated 10,000 moon bears are kept captive in China to supply bile for use in traditional Chinese medicine. Microsoft donated its time and expertise to create an interactive website for Animals Asia, to help educate the people of China about the cruelty of bear bile farming and the plight of the moon bear. Thank Microsoft for standing up against animal cruelty and saving moon bears.

Moon bears on bile farms spend their short, painful lives in crush cages, which are so small the bear cannot stand up or turn around. Two to three times a day the bear has bile extracted from its gallbladder. This can be done using needles pushed through the abdomen, catheters that keep a permanent hole in the body and gallbladder, or often through what is called free-drip extraction. In free-drip extraction, a permanent wound is kept open through the bear’s abdomen and gallbladder, allowing the bile to drip out of the animal. The wounds often become severely infected.

There are over 50 approved herbal alternatives to bear bile available for practitioners of traditional Chinese medicine, and the key medicinal ingredient in bear bile can be synthesized effectively and cheaply.

Animals Asia believes education is the key to saving moon bears from cruel life on a bile farm, and when the people at Microsoft learned about this deplorable practice they jumped at the chance to help. To highlight the plight of the moon bear, Microsoft created an interactive educational web site called Exploring Moon Bears for Animals Asia. The site will be used to educate millions of school children in China to raise awareness and hopefully end the practice of bile farming.

Thank Microsoft for taking a stand against animal cruelty and helping Animals Asia save the moon bear.


Dear Mr. Qing

Microsoft recently donated time and expertise to create an interactive educational web site for Animals Asia, to highlight the plight of moon bears on bile farms. The practice of bear bile farming is cruel and inhumane. As you know, the bears are kept in cages so small they cannot stand or turn around. They suffer from myriad physical and mental health problems and they live short, painful lives.

Through the work of Animals Asia, many practitioners of traditional Chinese medicine have vowed not to use bear bile. With over 50 herbal alternatives available, plus synthesized bile, they have plenty of options to choose from. Unfortunately over 10,000 moon bears are still kept in captivity in China to supply bile. Education about this cruel and needless practice will be key to ending the demand for bear bile and saving moon bears from this fate.

Mr Qing, thank you and Microsoft for helping save the moon bear and supporting the work being done by Animals Asia.


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Photo Credit: Art G via Flickr

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  1. Colleen Manley says:

    Praise God for Microsoft. . God bless you people. . There is no reason for any type of cruelty, especially towards innoncent animals for the love of money.

  2. Sheila Jefferson says:

    Thank you!
    Protect all animals from the evil of

  3. You will be richly blessed for your kindness!

  4. Holly Allison VH says:

    Well I’ll be d—ed! I had no idea Microsoft was also taking a stand against horror towards animals . Good job Microsoft ! Wow, I’m bowled over. God is Smiling.

  5. Franca Menegon says:

    Quelli che sono contro la sperimentazione animale ma usano i farmaci.
    Quelli che ammazzerebbero un bambino per salvare un roditore.
    Quelli che se il bambino fosse il loro…?
    Quelli che “se ci estinguessimmo sarebbe un mondo migliore!”
    Quelli che però non cominciano per primi.
    Quelli che sono vivi grazie alla ricerca e se ne lamentano.
    Quelli che “fermiamo la vivisezione per salvare gli animali!”.
    Quelli che poi portano il cane dal veterinario.
    Quelli che la chiamano “vivisezione”.
    Quelli che con limone e peperoncino passa tutto, anche il cancro.
    Quelli che sanno come sostituire i test sugli animali ma non te lo possono dire.
    Quelli che le scoperte scientifiche “non ci risultano…”.
    Quelli che hanno le idee chiarissime ma non sanno come spiegarle.
    Quelli che hanno cominciato a rompere i coglioni da piccoli, non hanno ancora finito e ancora non sanno perché lo fanno.
    Quelli lì.
    Dove ci porteranno?

  6. Thank you for saving Moon Bears,please protect all animals from Monsters .

  7. night magic says:

    thank you for caring !!!!


    I LOVE YOU —


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