Prosecute Huntsmen Who Killed Foxes in Front of Children

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Target: David Cameron, Prime Minister of Great Britain

Goal: Arrest English huntsmen who illegally killed foxes in front of small children

Anti-hunting activists released pictures that show small children looking on as huntsmen with dogs found and shot a couple of foxes. The images show children standing close by as the animals are dug up from an old badger hole and killed. The incident happened after a hunt by the Modbury Harriers in Great Britain. The League Against Cruel Sports reported the incident after a farmer was appalled to see them killing the foxes in front of children. One of the pictures showed the men hovering over badger holes until they found and killed a young fox. The hunters were firing shots right into the hole as the children looked on close by.

The Royal Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (RSPCA) is investigating to see if what the men did breached any laws that govern fox hunts. The Countryside Alliance believed that their behavior was legal and humane and said that they are not sorry for the leak of the pictures. The farmers on the other hand thought it was very unprofessional and poor judgment to think that what they did was fit for children to watch. The farmers requested a number of times for the hunters to leave their land, but they never fulfilled that request.

This display of animal cruelty shows a total disregard for the foxes, and also a lack of safety for the children. Please sign this petition to help prosecute these men for putting the welfare of animals and children at risk.


Dear Prime Minister Cameron,

Huntsmen in Great Britain were caught illegally killing foxes by farmers who photographed them. More appallingly, they were killing the foxes in front of small children. This was a cruel display of animal abuse for the amusement of irresponsible huntsmen. These men need to be prosecuted for killing the foxes for no reason, and for doing it in front of small children. This behavior is extremely aggressive and unnecessary because the reckless shooting of the badger holes could easily have hurt the children. These are sadistic men who want to show children that they are powerful and can kill these foxes for fun.

Although fox hunting has been banned since 2005, it still continues without any prosecution. Please help implement the law and stop these men from killing foxes and, most importantly, for being irresponsible adults in front of young people.


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  1. Isabel Audagnotti says:

    That’s the only IQ level they have the cowards, is to take on innocent animals that cannot defend themselves. Why don’t you ignorant disrespectfull disgusting psycopaths, walk into a pub and choose two other male humans your size and try to kill them for fun!!!! Hahaha! Bet you haven’t got the guts because you are psychopathic cowards to destroy what God has created for us, to respect, love and speak up for them that can’t. Hope you two get your bad karma returned to both of you 100 times!!!!

  2. Katalin Apathy says:

    Scum bag gutless wonders. Disgusting monsters who are wasting air.

  3. Holly Allison VH says:

    Cowardice and abuse of others is learned behavior. Teach Your Children Well. This type of behavior is not only a disgraceful act of cowardice, these “hunters” have disgraced themselves in front of the children who will never forget what they saw and in which they participated. Yes, they were participants if they were part of the so called sport, killing for fun.

  4. It shouldn’t be a case that children were there, more that it actually happened! The farmer probably hired these people to do that exact act, but was caught out by the fact children were there and photos were taken.

  5. This man is monster and should be punished very harshly.

  6. deb spanhake says:

    How can this go unpunished when in front of children no less and we will condole this! People re think actions that are necessary against the people who do this kind of horrible acts towards animals what are we allowing them to promote and to the children no less take action and condemn this person

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