Stop Throwing Live Turkeys Out of Airplanes

Target: Roger Bates, Member of Yellville Chamber of Commerce

Goal: Stop throwing live turkeys from planes for entertainment.

Every year in Yellville, Arkansas, the Turkey Trot Festival hosts the notorious “turkey drop” event. During the “turkey drop,” live turkeys are thrown into airplanes and then carelessly tossed from the sky. The event is barbaric and must be stopped.

In the wild, turkeys only fly short distances and never go above 100 feet. The “turkey drop” brings these animals much higher in the sky. Not only is this fall terrifying for the birds, but it can also lead to serious injuries and death. Two of the 16 turkeys thrown from the plane died last year. Despite these deaths, Yellville officials continue to claim the event is harmless.

Sign this petition and demand Yellville officials stop denying this obvious cruelty and put an end to this event.


Dear Mr. Bates,

Every year, Yellville hosts the Turkey Trot Festival and its notoriously cruel event, the “turkey drop.” During this event, terrified turkeys are thrown from a plane while onlookers watch the turkeys hopelessly plummet to the ground. This event is barbaric and needs to be ceased.

Turkeys cannot fly long distances in the wild and never go above 100 feet. During the “turkey drop,” these turkeys are taken much higher than they’ve ever gone and then are forced to endure the terrifying fall. Two of the 16 turkeys from last year died as a result of these falls.

Please put an end to this cruel event. No animal should suffer and possibly die for human entertainment.


[Your Name Here]

Photo credit: elljay

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  1. Take the city council up in the plane and drop them, see if they can fly. How barbaric you are, you should be ashamed of yourselves.

  2. Karen Tipping says:

    WHAT SORT OF A MIND ! Jesus h Christ



  3. The evil sick scum who do this vile cruel act should be thrown out of the plane instead. It is horrific and barbaric.

  4. What a pathetic “festival.” Please stop this horrible event from ever happening again. It is showing our youth there is no value to these poor animal’s lives. There is nothing festive about it. People are so sick.

  5. What a pathetic way to pass the time, fucking brainless hillbillies! Drop the councilmen from the plane and see if they make it! No soul!!

  6. Tina shurtleff says:

    What idiots thought of this. Drop each other from the plane. No loss to mankind. Degenerates

  7. simon rickman says:

    ignorant morons who do this need to have it done to them. justice

  8. Dominique Le Frapper says:

    Civilisation has not yet touched Arkansas… These knuckle-draggers don’t know any better to entertain themselves. Their IQ is just too low. Cavemen were smarter than that… I wonder if they even have schools there,,, can they read? Count beyond 30?

  9. Karen Redd says:

    Hey I live in Arkansas and not only do I feel so sorry for those poor turkeys but I am humiliated by the lack of a brain or a heart in the ‘turkeys’ who do this horrible thing. It makes me extremely sick knowing there are sick SOBs in my proud state that enjoy watching the turkeys suffer. I agree 100% with the other responses- put those heartless AHs in the plane and toss them out, we can laugh at their screams just like they do the turkeys.

  10. The sadistic officials & other inbred hicks responsible for this cruelty are THE ONLY TURKEYS who need to be dropped. A pity that didn’t occur shortly after their births, the world would be a better place.

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