Stop Throwing Live Turkeys Out of Airplanes

Target: Roger Bates, Member of Yellville Chamber of Commerce

Goal: Stop throwing live turkeys from planes for entertainment.

Every year in Yellville, Arkansas, the Turkey Trot Festival hosts the notorious “turkey drop” event. During the “turkey drop,” live turkeys are thrown into airplanes and then carelessly tossed from the sky. The event is barbaric and must be stopped.

In the wild, turkeys only fly short distances and never go above 100 feet. The “turkey drop” brings these animals much higher in the sky. Not only is this fall terrifying for the birds, but it can also lead to serious injuries and death. Two of the 16 turkeys thrown from the plane died last year. Despite these deaths, Yellville officials continue to claim the event is harmless.

Sign this petition and demand Yellville officials stop denying this obvious cruelty and put an end to this event.


Dear Mr. Bates,

Every year, Yellville hosts the Turkey Trot Festival and its notoriously cruel event, the “turkey drop.” During this event, terrified turkeys are thrown from a plane while onlookers watch the turkeys hopelessly plummet to the ground. This event is barbaric and needs to be ceased.

Turkeys cannot fly long distances in the wild and never go above 100 feet. During the “turkey drop,” these turkeys are taken much higher than they’ve ever gone and then are forced to endure the terrifying fall. Two of the 16 turkeys from last year died as a result of these falls.

Please put an end to this cruel event. No animal should suffer and possibly die for human entertainment.


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Photo credit: elljay

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  1. Stephanie Geyser says:

    How about the organizers of the Turkey Trot Festival get pushed (without parachutes) out of planes? Now THAT could be VERY entertaining – seeing humans screaming in fear of their impending deaths as they hurtle down to meet their destiny on the ground!

  2. There are some bloody stupid, childish individuals in Arkansas! What a silly, mindless way to have a laugh. Is this carried out by adults? Or half-wits? Try hen racing. Or cat herding? Or does fun over there have to include small- minded cruelty? Try jumping out yourselves- that should have the audience in hysterics!

  3. Tanya Knappman says:

    If these idiot people think it’s okay to throw turkeys out of an airplane (that’s called animal abuse!!) Then why not throw these same people out of the airplane!!!!

  4. Jacqui Skill says:


  5. Candy Niewinski says:

    Harmless! WTF? Maybe we should throw them out of an airplane and see if they they think it’s harmless….. SMDH

  6. Jaime Perez says:

    What a bunch of disgusting backwoods hicks. What’s wrong with people anymore?

  7. Wendy Morrison says:

    Throw those alive idiots out of planes not live turkeys!!

  8. Eva Cantu says:


  9. Veronica Tellez says:

    These Monsters need to be stopped for doing this horrific cruelty to Turkeys!!

  10. sheila menache says:

    Push the organisers of this childish absurd cruel stunt out – do you bloody fools have nothing better to do than to subject an innocent animal to this foolhardy practice???

  11. Caryl Sawyer says:

    It’s Arkansas! What else can we say?

  12. Richard Hofman Richard Hofman says:

    The Arkansas people are making shame to all of the USA as the world is watching their such awfully barbarian behaviour and arogance at once! This all from a people who want to be the world’s leaders!!!?
    To whom? To the neanderthal maybe they can show anything!!!

  13. Arseholes throw them out to death Kill this bastards

  14. Are they still doing this idiotic thing??? When will they EVOLVE???

  15. Brendan Patterson says:

    Throwing turkies from planes??? Seriously? Grown adults are doing this for fun?? Name one thing about this that the turkey enjoys!!!!
    Arkansas should be ashamed of such rediculous cruelty

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