Condemn Japanese Prime Minister for Defending Dolphin Slaughter

Slaughtered Pilot Whales

Target: Prime Minister Shinzo Abe

Goal: Condemn Prime Minister Shinzo Abe for supporting and defending dolphin slaughter

Taiji is a town in Japan that is known for their dolphin slaughter, killing hundreds of dolphins each year. The hunters do this by rounding up the dolphins into the cove, starving them for days, and then begin to spear them with rods through the dolphins’ head or back. The blood bathes the water in red as fishermen pull the struggling dolphins onto the boats, where they die either by bleeding out, suffocating, or drowning. Outrage against slaughtering dolphins has grown over the years, but the Prime Minister of Japan is defending the town of Taiji, stating that the slaughter of dolphins is a tradition.

In an interview with CNN, Prime Minister Shinzo Abe stated that dolphin fishing is a tradition of Taiji that is deeply rooted in their culture and history. He states that these traditions are handed down by the town’s ancestors and should be respected. But the current series of hunts began in 1969, years after the first Moon landing, which makes the public wonder if this really is a tradition. The town also used to hunt whales, not dolphins.

But the Prime Minister and the town claim that the dolphins are their livelihood. During the hunt, representatives from marine parks and swim-with-the-dolphins programs select calves to purchase for profit. This year an albino calf was taken from its mother; the calf is estimated to be worth half a million dollars. Other unfortunate calves who lost their guardians will not survive the trauma. Taiji also argues that the dolphins are used to feed the human population, but mercury levels within the dolphins are too high for safe consumption. The town is not feeding the people, they are poisoning them. And with so little of the Japanese population eating whale or dolphin meat, one can’t help but wonder why these creatures are being slaughtered.

Sign this petition and condemn the Prime Minister for supporting such a gruesome slaughter. Such barbaric ways of killing should stop, especially when some of these species are sold to parks.


Dear Prime Minister Shinzo Abe,

I have to say I am severely disappointed with the stance you took regarding the dolphin slaughter in Taiji. Your recent political moves have been for protecting the environment. To hear that you support and defend the slaughter of dolphins has left me deeply wounded and confounded.

You stated that you support dolphin slaughter because it is a tradition handed down by the ancestors of Taiji, but the series of dolphin hunts started in 1969. I find it hard to believe that this is a tradition, especially since Taiji was first known to be a whaling town. I also find it disgusting that the town is willing to sell these dolphins to marine parks, where they will live out the rest of their lives in a tank performing tricks for human entertainment. It tells me that you do not care for the well being of these animals, and I find this to be deeply upsetting. I urge you to reconsider your stance and protest this inhumane slaughter.


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Photo credit: Erik Christensen via Wikimedia

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  1. dianna tolmay says:

    Japan is just such a cruel nation so heartless and cruel. As for the Prime Minister should wake up what tradition. Dolphins are so calm, friendly they never harm humans they often safe them. Hope these cruel people get it back twice as bad


    The Japanese think they are above accountability. A cruel people not only to their own but more so to animals. We should boycott the 2020 Olympics until we can see radical changes in their attitudes towards the dolphins and whales they slaughter with impunity and because they continue to thumb their noses at the world community at large who are protesting en masse against this shocking so called ‘tradition’.

  3. Debbie knight says:

    How does he sleep at night???? I donated to the tsunami they suffered!! So where is their gratitude!!! The Japanese are ignoring our pleas!!!!!

    • Naomi Stevens says:

      Some of the Tsunami money funded the Taiji dolphin slaughter. I cannot comprehend how these killers can live with themselves after looking into the eyes of these beautiful creatures who are clearly more intelligent than their murderers and brutally kill them. Absolutely dreadful and utterly barbaric.

  4. After seeing all the pictures and videos and tweets #tweet4taiji,I would without a second’s doubt give my life in exchange for theirs. Some humans are just so totally f@ckd up, its unbelievable.

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