Demand University Stop Torturing Animals for Science

Target: William Staples, President of University of Houston-Clear Lake

Goal: Stop using live animals for experimentation and research.

Animal rights organization PETA recently obtained the University of Houston-Clear Lake’s (UHCL) records about its animal experimentation. The records show that countless animals have suffered and died at the hands of UHCL. It is time to stop this unnecessary cruelty, especially when there are alternative methods that can be used thanks to modern technology.

According to the records, rats were crammed into small boxes and starved for extended periods of time. After going through incredibly stressful experiments, 10 rats were stuffed into a cage meant for six and left in a car. The overwhelming heat resulted in the death of six of those rats. UHCL already utilizes some cruelty-free research methods and it is time to make that the norm.

Sign this petition and demand UHCL stop torturing and killing animals.


Dear President Staples,

Animal rights organization PETA recently obtained your university’s files about its animal experimentation and research. I was disturbed at the information.

According to the records, rats were denied food and left to starve for extended periods of time. In addition, they were crammed into small cages and sometimes cages without proper ventilation. After going through stressful experiments, 10 rats were stuffed into a cage meant for six and then left in a hot car. Six rats died as a result. Your Pearland campus already utilizes cruelty-free methods for this same class and it is time your main campus do the same.

Thanks to modern technology, live animals are not a necessity for experimentation and research. It is time to start utilizing the available, alternative methods and stop torturing and killing animals.


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Photo credit: Janet Stephens

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  1. Caryl Sawyer says:

    Sad that this place can call itself a place of learning. Ignorant people always manage to give themselves fancy titles. I am a retired college instructor and have seen many phonies like these creatures.

  2. These uneducated morons at UHCL would be well aware that animal experimentation is no required and is barbaric.These bastards do this because they are animal abusers with zero compassion.Termination of their employment is indeed immediately required!I wish these vile animal abusing bastards a short and painful life!

  3. If live subjects MUST be used, find some sadist criminal that’s been convicted and imprisoned: there must be 1000’s. If it’s illegal, make it legal. Torturing animals is WRONG; torturing sadists would be excellent karma.

  4. A place of learning?? It’s a pity they don’t teach common humanity and compassion! The world will not progress while man thinks the animals are his to abuse as he chooses. These creatures are innocent, man is the opposite.

    • Diane Petrillo Diane Petrillo says:

      You got that right, Rose! The lack of compassion and empathy drive this animal abuse.

      • Diane Petrillo Diane Petrillo says:

        They should be experimenting on animal abusers instead. They are slightly more like a human genetically. Slightly.

  5. Denise Baudin says:


    “PETA just obtained the public records regarding the rats used in the University of Houston-Clear Lake’s (UHCL) cruel experiments. Now we know why the school desperately fought to block the records’ release. They show that a university employee crammed 10 rats into a plastic box meant to hold only six, knew the box had a broken ventilation fan, transported the animals in the box anyway, and then left them to suffer in a hot car for an undisclosed period of time. This occurred in April, when temperatures in Houston would quickly make the interior of a parked car a death trap. All 10 rats suffered from the extreme heat and were found in distress, which resulted in the painful death of six of them. We’re asking the Harris County District Attorney’s Office to pursue a cruelty-to-animals investigation at the university.

    Before the rats were left in the employee’s car, they were tormented for months by students as part of an undergraduate psychology class. (See the information below.)

    “After surviving starvation and torment in an archaic classroom experiment, these rats were left to suffocate and die in an unventilated, overcrowded cage in a hot car,” says PETA Senior Vice President Kathy Guillermo. “PETA is calling on UH-Clear Lake to learn from these animals’ horrific deaths and immediately modernize its psychology course to use only non-animal methods.”

    “PETA has learned that rats are subjected to cruel psychology classroom experiments at the University of Houston–Clear Lake’s (UHCL) main campus, even though modern and humane teaching methods are used instead in the same course at another UHCL campus.

    According to course documents, the rats are DEPRIVED OF FOOD for extended periods of time and then FOPRCED INTO TINY PLASTIC BOXESs, where they’re “trained” to press a lever that delivers food to them.”



  6. Stop this cruelty now use animal abuser for testing not innocent animals . These people are cruel . Shouldn’t have to sign petition to get it stopped should be banned anyway its cruel. The government shouldn’t allow animal cruelty full stop what’s wrong with the world test on people that allow his to happen see how they feel BASTARDS.

  7. Sonja Beyer says:

    What is the reason for this experiment? To prove that living beings can die from starvation or great heat? I thougth this has been known and proven for centuries!

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