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Target: Senate Agriculture Committee Chairwoman Debbie Stabenow

Goal: Commend the removal of the King Amendment, which would have gutted state animal welfare laws, from the U.S. Farm Bill

Representative Steve King (R-Iowa) tried to sneak an amendment into the mammoth U.S. Farm Bill that would have gutted states’ abilities to regulate the treatment of farm animals. Due to public outcry, including a petition on ForceChange, the amendment has been defeated. Commend Debbie Stabenow, the Senate chairwoman for the Agriculture Committee, for protecting the rights of states to regulate the care of farm animals.

The King Amendment was targeted at preventing California from requiring that all eggs sold in the state come from chickens kept in non-confining cages, but it could have impacted a wide range of animal protection laws. It would have rolled back laws in many states including bans on foie gras, horse slaughter and puppy mill prohibitions, bans on the possession and sale of shark fins, and even the ban on selling dog and cat meat.  In addition the amendment would have negated a wide range of labeling and safety laws such as laws banning certain chemicals in baby food jars, requiring farm-raised fish to be labeled, banning arsenic in chicken feed, bans on spraying sewage onto crops for fertilization, and many other laws passed by states to ensure the well-being of their people.

Public outcry over the King Amendment ensured this horrible attempt to gut animal welfare laws will never see the light of day. Commend Senator Debbie Stabenow for standing up for the rights of states to protect their citizens and their animals.


Dear Ms. Stabenow,

Thank you for your leadership on the Senate Agricultural Committee in removing the disastrous King Amendment from the U.S. Farm Bill. As you know, the King Amendment would have gutted animal welfare, health, and labeling laws across the country and rolled back vital protections for animals and people. It is imperative that the states be able to regulate the treatment of farm animals and implement laws and regulations which the people of that state want.

The King Amendment could have legalized puppy mills, allowed sewage to be sprayed onto crops, brought horse slaughter back to the United States, and removed labeling laws that keep consumers safe and informed. It was a blatant attempt to make sure giant agribusiness corporations would not have to answer to the will of the people.

Ms. Stabenow, thank you for your leadership defeating this horrible amendment and passing a U.S. Farm Bill that protects farm animals.


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  1. Sandra Zaninovich says:

    Steve King is evil incarnate to the animals and environment. I have been desperately hoping his amendment would be defeated and am so very grateful! There IS a god (well, maybe!!!).

  2. This man King is a -disgrace to humanity -always trying to make the lives of animals more -miserable it would only be for personal gain -greed -profit -so glad he has been silenced -the state of Iowa has a bad reputation for animal care as this state was the first to have installed that obscene bill -AG-GAG -promoted by it’s Govenor Terry Branstad and his -side kick Mr,Joe Seng reported to be a veterinarian–they will be remembered by animal organisations and those who care for animals for their part in making the lives of animals a living -hell.-Karma.

  3. Sheila Jefferson says:

    Thank you! 🙂
    Glad to see there are still a few
    that care for God’s creatures.

  4. Thank you Senator Debbie Stabenow You are a credit to humanity and your job. I shiver to think what would have happened if there had been another one like Representative Steve King (R-Iowa)doing your job, we really would of needed gods help for sure. But you were there and the people and animals still have some protection against the kind that would do this kind of treachery They are a disgrace.Thank you again for being on top of it all.

  5. Steve King is a slime bag who literally wants animals to be abused. I kid you not. I would call him a douche bag, but I don’t want to insult the douche bag.

  6. deb spanhake says:

    WHEN those who want to abolish eliminate execute abuse neglect and do so from armchair cushiony seats of positions then those are the people who need to be removed form office and place in positions where they witness these acts of cruelty and their eyes will feel their pain if not then these people need not be able to commission for human rights and laws

  7. Thank You Senetor Stabenow! Thanks for your Compassion for Animals & people and standing up against King and his evil deed issues.

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