Ban Sale of Harmful Pet Fur Dyes


Target: Founder and CEO of Big Dog Boutique

Goal: Ban the sale of potentially harmful animal fur dyes that may cause allergic reactions, increased anxiety, pain and severe itching

Online pet supply company Big Dog Boutique has continued the promotion of its “puppy paint” and glitter fur gels despite the fact that these products could be potentially hazardous to pets’ health. While the company claims that its dyes are non-toxic and formulated for sensitive skin, Big Dog Boutique still recommends keeping the fur dyes and gels off dogs’ paws if they are prone to licking.

Dyeing your pets’ fur is a frivolous and unnecessary trend that can be potentially hazardous to their health and overall happiness. As with any color dye, animal fur dyes contain toxic chemicals that can be incredibly irritating to animals with sensitive skin. If the dye comes in contact with the animal’s eyes or moutha common occurrence for cats and dogs who regularly groom themselvesthey will become severely irritated and may require immediate veterinary care.

Even if the dye is not ingested, pets can suffer allergic reactions, severe itching and pain. Not to mention, the act of dyeing a pet can be quite traumatic and could damage the pet owner’s relationship with their furry companion.

By signing this petition, you will be urging Big Dog Boutique to discontinue the sale of its fur dyes and gels and help save animals from unnecessary physical and mental trauma.


Dear CEO of Big Dog Boutique,

I am writing to urge you to discontinue the sale of your “puppy paints” and fur gels. Dyeing your pets’ fur is a frivolous and unnecessary trend that can be potentially hazardous to their health and overall happiness, resulting in allergic reactions, increased anxiety, pain and severe itching.

Although Big Dog Boutique states that its dyes are non-toxic and formulated for sensitive skin, all color dyes contain potentially hazardous chemicals that can be incredibly irritating to animals’ eyes, mouths, and skin. Even if the dye is not ingested, pets can suffer allergic reactions and painful itching. Not to mention, the dyeing process can also be quite traumatic for pets and may lead to added stress and anxiety.

No animal should be forced to endure even minimal suffering for human entertainment. Please help protect pets by removing all fur dyes and gels from the Big Dog Boutique product line.


[Your Name Here]

Photo Credit: psyberartist via Flickr

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  1. what a lot of stupid people about, the things they do to make money. just awful. and cruel

    • Rhonda Hardin says:

      As of yet, I have not charged for it. I do it for the sheer enjoyment of seeing happy dogs and happy owners. I can’t say that in the future I won’t have to begin charging to help pay for my supplies. If we were in the grooming industry just to make money, we would have quit long ago. Our tools and supplies are very expensive, it is very hard on our bodies, very strenuous work and we get pooped on and bit and People constantly complain about the prices etc etc. We do it because we LOVE the animals.

  2. y’all are just plain idiotic. do any of you actually review facts before signing a petition or boycotting something? take a moment and RESEARCH all of the ingredients listed on these dyes, the ones you’re petitioning are CHALK plain old chalk. I’m a groomer, and a member of the NAPCG, we have a strict code of ethics which we operate by. We do not use bleach or oxidizing dyes (the type used on humans) and we try to educate the public on creative grooming. Dogs have no sense of self, they do not get embarrassed. Most dogs love attention and if anything, a dyed dog gets even more when out and about. i really recommend some of you take the ingredient list and individually research each one. ANY THING CAN CAUSE AN ALLERGIC SKIN CONDITION IN A PET, plug ins, bad food, laundry detergent, grains, table scraps, shampoo, medication, spray cleaners, anything that a dog may come into contact with.

  3. julie duguay says:

    I own 25 dogs which most are coloured safely and LOVE the attention they get during the job and after as well 🙂 I would never harm my dogs or other peoples dogs we need to worry more about the poor dogs that are tied out for their whole lives and misstreated .Dyeing a dog the right way with non toxic colours that are safe to use and done so by profesionals .thanks

  4. These dyes should be banned. This needs to be regulated just like commerical dyes for humans.

    • commercial dyes for humans arent regulated. they should regulate who can start a petition based on whether they know what the heck they are petitioning!

  5. la madre dei cretini è sempre incinta…

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