Fire Environmental Officials For Poaching Rare Deer


Target: Russian President Vladimir Putin and the Russian Natural Resources and Ecology Ministry

Goal: Prosecute Russian officials who shot and poached rare Siberian Musk deer

Russian officials have been caught killing and poaching the rare Siberian Musk deer. These deer are in danger of extinction and protected by the country. The four Russian officials were said to be from the Russian Natural Resources and Ecology Ministry (RNREM). Instead of working to protect and save these animals, these people are doing the complete opposite. Prosecute these errant officials and protect Russia’s wildlife.

This type of killing has the ability to wipe out the entire species, which is already in danger of becoming extinct. Poachers especially affect this particular deer species because the male Siberian Musk deer secretes a substance called ‘musk’ which has a scent that draws in female deer. Unfortunately, this smell also attracts humans, which is why there is a huge problem of hunting and poaching of these specific deer.

The poachers need to be put under further investigation to figure out why they did this to the deer. Law officials in Siberia apprehended five men with rifles who had the carcasses of the deer in their possession. According to Russian law any type of hunt requires a hunting license, which none of these men had. With that said, these men were also members of the RNREM, which is geared toward protecting these rare animals. They should have known that these Siberian Musk deer are protected under Russian law.

Please sign this petition to prosecute the Russian environment officials and fire them for poaching  the Siberian Musk deer.


Dear Vladimir Putin and the Russian Natural Resources and Ecology Ministry,

Four men that worked for the Russian Natural Resources and Ecology Ministry has been found killing and poaching the Siberian Musk deer population, a species that is on the brink of extinction. It is sad to know that officials who have worked so closely with the animals and who should be aware of their extinction are still able to kill them to make a small profit. These men need to be put in jail to pay for what they have done.

The deer population does not need poachers disguised as natural resources officials to be anywhere near these animals. Please protect what ever is left of the deer population so that an incident like this does not happen again.


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Photo Credit: Николай Усик via Wikimedia Commons

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  1. Why ? Why Russian Officials ? Is your spiritual charactor so weak that you must pick on those even more weak but who have no choice in their destiny ? Conversely, what right do we have, as American Citizens, to judge Russian officials for atrocities currently being committed on our own soil ?! We, as US Citizens *must* lead by example, by attraction -not condemnation. Otherwise, once again we come across as colossal hypocrites, for which I am ashamed.

  2. These were rare animals ,that apart innocent animals ,killed punish the monsters very serverly they are guilty .Do the guilty walk free in your country, and the innocent are killed. Are the society running the country? Do the job enforce the law ,this is blatant cruelty, abuse, and causing the deaths of the innocents.

  3. Sherry Hawkins says:

    It doesn’t matter whether or not they are nearly extinct or not…….the fact that they are being murdered is wrong no matter how many are left……..It would be nice to make hunters, poachers and any other humans that torture and murder animals……..become extinct!!!

  4. So sad to think that just a few can change the chance of survival for a whole species of animal. I hope that changes are made and that those responsible are punished so that other will not follow thier ways of killing.

  5. Are’t environmentalist supposed to love nature?????? Wtf? I want to become one but i wont never kill one just so it can be in pain!!! What a disgrace to that job!!! Why do they get the job then??? Stupid…

  6. Lisbeth Alvarado Sanchez says:

    This people a cowards. They should be protecting innocent animals instead of killing them! This is totally a disgrace. I hope the pay tenfold for their actions.

  7. My HEART BREAKS for INNOCENT SWEET DEER!!!!!! Are these creeps that are so hungry to hate getting what they deserve… Where is the justice for DEERS? l

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