Commend Convenience Chain for Cancelling Foie Gras Meal


Target: Isamu Nakayama, President, FamilyMart Japan

Goal: Applaud store’s cancellation of the release of a ready-made foie gras meal

FamilyMart, a Japanese chain of convenience stores, has recently cancelled the release of a foie gras bento box. The ready-to-eat foie gras and beef patty meal was scheduled to launch on January 28, but due to public outcry, will never reach the shelves. The chain cites customer complaints and changing public opinion as reasons.

Foie gras, considered a delicacy by some, is produced by force-feeding ducks and geese until their livers become enlarged. The process involves placing a tube down the birds’ throats into the esophagus and funneling in up to four pounds of grain feed per day. This high-starch and high-protein diet can cause birds’ livers to enlarge to ten times their regular size.

The birds, who are kept in dark cages for most of their lives, develop a host of health issues from their treatment, including tissue damage and bone fractures due to obesity. They constantly pant, as if perpetually exhausted, and leave their feathers ragged and unpreened, a sign of stress or disease. Many of the ducks and geese are unable to move as rats or bugs, which are rampant in these conditions, literally eat them alive.

The brutality of the foie gras industry has resulted in a ban on the delicacy in several countries, including Turkey, South Africa, and Israel, as well as many US states and cities. Scientists have concluded that the force-feeding process has a detrimental impact on the birds’ welfare. Commend Japanese chain FamilyMart for responding to public demand that the cruel delicacy not be served, and for staying in tune with evolving animal welfare standards worldwide.


Dear Isamu Nakayama, President, FamilyMart Japan,

Recently, FamilyMart cancelled the release of a ready-to-eat bento box containing a foie gras and beef patty. The decision was made in response to customer dissatisfaction regarding the cruel nature of the foie gras industry. The delicacy, produced by enlarging the livers of ducks or geese by force-feeding, causes stress, disease, and other health issues in birds. Some of the birds are left panting, unable to move, and in dark, filthy conditions for most of their lives.

The cruel delicacy, considered detrimental to the well-being of birds, has been banned in several countries, and has been banned from many retail outlets as well. I applaud FamilyMart’s efforts to stay in tune with customer expectations as well as advancing worldwide animal welfare standards.


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Photo credit: Global Action in the Interest of Animals via Creative Commons

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  1. Japan, you have taken the high road on this issue, I am most grateful for your leadership. But it seems hypocritical that while I am signing this and thanking you, Japan is in the midst of slaughtering another precious species. Please, take the high road on other animal advocacy issues, be the leader that Japan has always been. The USA looks up to you.

  2. Sandra Zaninovich says:

    I just have to marvel at man’s ingenuity in coming up with ever more inventive ways to slaughter, torture, maim and mutilate his fellow animals.

    • This has been a French gourmands’ staple, “delicacy” since the Middle Ages. We continue to practice this horror against geese here in the USA.

  3. Dianne Turner Dianne Turner says:

    Mr. Isamu Nakayama may I say Thank You for no longer considering selling foie gras, I applaud you actually listening to and acting upon customer feedback
    It seems so sad that while you are listening to the peoples cries of outrage against foie gras, your Government continues its barbaric and inhumane slaughter of whales, dolphines and other animals/marine life.
    You Mr. Isamu Nakayama must be a very caring man to actually put peoples opinions before profit.
    Again I say THANK YOU.
    Foie gras continues to be considered a delicacy for many and is often used in food without our knowledge- Beef Wellington being a prime example.

    • I didn’t realize that about the Beef Wellington. I don’t eat it, not even sure exactly what it is, but thank you for educating us. I applaud your civic and gracious note to Mr. Nakayama. Well done.

  4. All evil is done by MALES. LOOK AT EVERY CRUEL ACT WE JAVE TO PETITION. ITS ALWAYS MEN OR BOYS. From torturing dogs in India,to druck hunters killing dohs for fun in Romania, to ripping of rabbit fur from live rabbits, in China,to caging a dog n set it out to freezer in New York(U S A),slaughtering deers,bears,tigers for male phobia thinking that the animals r out to get us. It is always a man.
    Men r the sickiest creation,formed by the devil and lives in his own evils

    • That’s actually not true. Women are just as culpable. In this particular instance, the topic of the petition, women and men both eat Fois Gras. If you go into Facebook you will see there is a huge % of females involved w/horrific abuses against animals- Crush groups, “artists”, animal shelter operators, researchers, scientists. We cannot alienate 50% of the world population esp. males involved in advocacy by blaming all atrocities on men. Silence is a complicit partner, and as culpable as actual abuse.

  5. Sheila Jefferson says:

    Thank you!

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