End Barbaric Dog Meat Trade in Thailand


Target: General Prayuth Chan-ocha, Prime Minister of Thailand

Goal: Shut down the dog meat trade

Thailand is considering shutting down the brutal dog meat industry for good. The police have already started setting up sting operations to take down what they refer to as dog meat kingpins who oversee the exportation of dogs to Vietnam and China where eating dog meat is more common.

The consummation of dog meat is relatively confined to northern Thailand, such as the province of Sakon Nakhon, where residents seem to be split on eating dog meat. Civi groups have formed in the last two years to protest the consumption of dog meat, such as the suppression division of Watchdog Thailand where residents can phone in anonymous tips to help capture those slaughtering and transporting dogs.

While Thailand’s government has made progress taking down these dog meat kingpins, there is still no law that bans the practice of eating dog meat. The only reason they have been able to arrest these operations is because the dog meat kingpins had no license to slaughter or transport the dogs. Many in Thailand have urged the government to pass a bill that would ban eating dog meat, but so far nothing has changed. Eating dog meat is cruel and not the way to solve an abundant stray problem.

Sign this petition to urge the Prime Minister to ban the consumption of dog meat in Thailand.


Dear General Prayuth Chan-ocha,

The last two years have seen successful progress in shutting down illegal dog meat operations, but there is still much progress to be made. The only reason Thailand’s police have been able to arrest dog meat kingpins is because they were operating without licenses to transport or slaughter dogs. By allowing those with licenses to continue, the dog meat industry lives on.

Since eating dog is mostly confined to smaller villages, such as those in the Sakon Nakhon province, there would not be a huge outcry from banning the consumption of dog meat. There would most likely be a positive reaction throughout Thailand and certainly throughout the world.

Please push for a bill that would ban for the consumption of dog meat in Thailand and continue to shut down illegal operations that slaughter and transport of these poor dogs.


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  1. Remi Kimpton says:

    Isn’t it strange to call these people barbaric for doing what you, as a non vegan, deem acceptable to do to some animals, to a dog? Go vegan. All animals matter, not just the animals that give you gratification.

    • Thank You for opening some eyes. And you are very correct. The most horrific abuse heaped on animals are right before they’re slaughtered. How terrible of the human race to inflict so much pain and suffering on any animal. God Bless

    • Couldn’t have said it better myself, Remi!!
      ALL animals matter not the ones we pick and choose…go vegan!!

  2. ce ne sont pas des humains, mais des canibales c’est horible pour ces animaux il faut décourager les personnes qui vont passer leurs vacances dans ce pays et les avertir de ce qui se passe envers les animaux

  3. I am a partial vegan. I eat eggs, chicken and seafood rarely. Any form of tortures and captivity affect the animal body chemical and hormone reactive. Do you think we should really eat them? Our ancestor came into this world hunt and eat animal are not in captivity or any form of tortures. I think they skinned them for Furs when they are dead not when they are still alive. They do not boiled them alive. Please correct me if I am wrong but, don’t call me names! I know a lots of people out there really don’t give a damn about animal feelings.

  4. derline smithson says:

    Some dogs are actually angels sent by God in times of need and certain situations. To destroy even one is a bad mistake and to cause it’s suffering will bring a demonic curse to the abuser, killer, eater that will never be removed!!

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