Save the Home of Endangered Ocelots and Jaguars

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Target: U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service Southwest Regional Director

Goal: Protect the last jaguars and ocelots in the U.S. from extermination

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  1. Kim Brighton says:

    Save these beautiful creatures, do not let this happen. Conservation is critical in this world, now, we may never get a 2nd chance.

  2. michael Bate says:

    Once these are animals are gone we lose them forever!!!!

  3. Gordon MacDonald says:

    Jaguars and ocelots are on the brink of extinction in the American Southwest. Please save these endangered wild cats from a destructive mine that could wipe out their last remaining habitat.

  4. Jennifer Martin says:

    It is imperative that we save these magnificent creatures! so they are here for years to come!

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