Stop Bulldozing Tiger Habitat

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Target: David Booth, CEO of Dimensional Fund Advisors

Goal: Save rainforests where tigers and other endangered animals live

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  1. Kathy Khoshfahm says:

    It’s the same bullshit folks. The ones who have money are the ones who make the rules. Our elected officials are just puppets…

  2. Shocking!!!!.
    What can I say..
    Leave animals and the planet alone don’t we do enough damage to the earth .. Just greed nothing more .!!



  4. Kim Brighton says:

    So wrong in this day and age. We should be protecting our planets wildlife, not destroying it.

  5. Irena Franchi says:

    Stop Bulldozing Tiger Habitat.

  6. We have a society that is run by socio-pathic personalities. They cannot consider the effects of their actions, and if explained to them would make no difference. Money is their goal, money for that one luxury that will be tossed aside within a short time, yet then the unfortunate animals suffer from loss of habitat. Until people can determine from a politicians history that they are not sympathetic to the environment and to the pain of people and animals, serving only their wealthy contributors, things will not change. All history should be available to voters. A neighbor running for Airport Commission had several web sites that gave false information. I called the Supervisor of elections about his misleading work experience and he said it was up to the voters to find out what was not true, and that they would do nothing. So that is why we have such liars and incompetents in public office making tragic decisions.

  7. Christine Stewart says:

    Please BOYCOTT PALM OIL! Nutella, International Delight coffee creamer, Hershey’s Chocolate spreads, “yogurt” covered snacks, instant ramen, and most brands of margarine and microwave popcorn contain palm oil. If we refuse to buy products that use palm oil, there will be no profit in tearing up forests for oil palm plantations!

  8. I just bulldozed about 500 acres to make way for my new pasture.

  9. Gordon MacDonald says:

    David Booth, CEO of Dimensional Fund Advisors: Tigers and other endangered rainforest animals are losing their habitat to rampant deforestation. Please stop funding the loggers and bulldozers.

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