Stop Spreading Fast-Food Through Africa


Target: Bill and Melinda Gates

Goal: Stop the spread of KFC Restaurants throughout Africa

Popular restaurant Kentucky Fried Chicken (KFC) is unhealthy for people, economies, animals and the environment. This sort of food operation should not be spread – especially through impoverished areas with few food options – but the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation is feeding money to a company churning out fast-food restaurants in Africa.

Bill and Melinda Gates have made it a personal mission to invest in nutrition and ethical operations. The couple has donated eight million dollars to a company that grows soybeans to feed to chickens that will in turn be consumed by humans; this is not congruent with the couples’ philanthropic mission. The soybean company, Cargill, is a global poultry corporation that works to convert small farms into factory-farms that can provide poultry to major companies such as KFC.

Chickens that are raised to be sold to KFC are bred to be abnormally large to the point that walking is a challenge. They are kept in typical factory-farm conditions: cramped, filthy and under-stimulated environments. Factory-farms have proven to be detrimental to the environment, contributing over 50 percent of harmful greenhouse gases to the atmosphere. Not to mention fast-food chains, and their suppliers, are notorious for underpaid and mistreated workers.

The world must move away from egregious factory-farm operations and fast-food companies. Their spread into all parts of the world must be stopped. Urge Bill and Melinda Gates to invest in companies that are contributing to the greater good of the world, not piggy-backing on its resources until there is nothing left.


Dear Bill and Melinda Gates,

It is my understanding that you donated eight million dollars to a partner of Cargill, a global poultry corporation that has dealings with KFC restaurants. It is the goal of Cargill, and KFC, to open many more KFC’s in Africa; this will have severe negative impacts on the economy, health and environment of Africa.

As you know, factory-farms are responsible for over 50 percent of harmful greenhouse gases in the atmosphere. Mass animal production and consumption is detrimental to the health of animals, humans and the planet. I must urge you to stay true to your sentiments about growing food that could be fed to people, but is instead fed to animals that will be consumed: this is a practice that literally makes no sense in regards to what the future of this planet needs.

I urge you to stop donating money to corporations that have a hand in the disgusting business of factory-farming. We need to become conscious consumers, conscious human beings; producing, mistreating and eating ill-taken care of animals at the rate that we do is killing us. Invest in vegan alternatives for a healthy future.


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Photo credit: Steve Webel via Flickr

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  1. Mr Bill Gates think with your head and not your heart, Africa is a continent beset with many problems and one of is and has been the exploitation of the Third Worlds Resources and its population, the company you have given money to is not in out of the goodness of their hearts but for the profits they can make, the factory farms in America are a bloody disgrace, your farmers should hang their heads in shame, it is not something one would expect from a so called First World. Mr B Gates please investigate and do the right thing.

  2. All the money you will ever need and you aren’t satisfied. Do the right thing and do your research first.

  3. Hi, I was very surprised to hear that your foundation is giving money to a company that is involved in factory farming and the cruelty it breeds. Perhaps you can look into the Cargill company and find out what exactly what it does.

  4. This is unacceptable. He is inventing fake meat so why the discrepancy? He could use the fake meat, which I understand is tasty and just getting started, could feed rich or poor. It would save the environment and halt animal cruelty.

  5. Bill Gates, Don’t you care at all for Animals? What about People and the Planet? I would think you’d have more Compassion about you, and this be an easy decision, a man of your intelligence and stature… PLEASE CHANGE your beliefs to remain true to the integrity of philanthropy, etc. There are much better places to give & that would be so deeply appreciated! Why not give to Animals instead, this would make a difference to a cause that matters! Giving to Cargill and any place like it is a travesty to people, to animals (chickens), and to the planet. Very Sad. 🙁

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