Save Pregnant Sheep from Cruel Experimentation

Target: Simon Gillespie, Chief Executive of the British Heart Foundation

Goal: Save ewes and their lambs from being tortured, suffocated and murdered in cruel experiments

Thanks to funding from organizations like the British Heart Foundation, cruel experiments are being conducted on sheep on the campuses of esteemed academic institutions across the UK. Students at the prestigious Cambridge University are cutting open the stomachs of pregnant ewes, pulling out the limbs of the unborn lambs and then inserting tubes and monitors into the babies’ legs and major blood vessels. Researchers then place a bag over the mother’s head, forcing the mother and baby to endure two prolonged episodes of suffocation. Once this revolting experiment is complete, the ewe and lamb are both killed.

Sadly, this isn’t the first time that the British Heart Foundation has funded such deplorable treatment of animals in the name of research. Through its financial donations, the organization has also supported research initiatives that involved destroying the natural heart function of goats, inducing heart attacks in rabbits and surgically mutilating more than 100 beagles. Not only do these cruel experiments cause animals a great deal of unnecessary pain and suffering, but experts have stated that they have provided little in the way of scientific advancement.

By signing this petition, you will be urging the British Heart Foundation to discontinue its funding of these sadistic experiments and encouraging them to consider the lives of animals before funding future scientific endeavors.


Dear Chief Executive Gillespie,

I was incredibly disappointed to learn that your organization financially supports the cruel experiments being conducted on pregnant sheep at Cambridge University. Researchers are cutting open the stomachs of pregnant ewes, pulling out the limbs of the unborn lambs and then inserting tubes and monitors into the babies’ legs and major blood vessels. A bag is then placed over the mother’s head, forcing the mother and baby to endure prolonged episodes of suffocation before they are both murdered.

Not only do these experiments inflict a great deal of unnecessary and unwarranted pain and suffering on innocent, gentle creatures, but they have also failed to influence any significant advances to human medicine. These sadistic and medically irreverent experiments have no place in modern society and must cease.

I urge you to discontinue your organization’s funding of such deplorable experiments and hope that you will consider the lives of animals before agreeing to provide financial support to future scientific research.


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Photo Credit: spDuchamp via Flickr

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  1. I wrote to the British Heart Foundation about this matter and they replied:

    “Dear Ms Beck

    Thank you for your email concerning the use of sheep in research.

    While some of our research does involve animals, we did not fund this particular study. We were acknowledged in the research paper because we’re one of the many general funders of this laboratory.

    The British Heart Foundation is committed to defeating cardiovascular disease every way we can – by developing better treatments and cures for cardiovascular conditions. As part of this work we support essential research using cells grown in a laboratory, computer models, and human volunteers. Where these techniques are not feasible, our funded research may involve animals.

    Scientists at UK universities apply for funding from the BHF to do this research. Every application for funding is then independently and rigorously reviewed.

    Many of the treatments we commonly use today could not have been developed without animal research. Heart failure medicines, pacemakers, and heart transplants are just a few examples.

    Heart and circulatory disease is the cause of more than a quarter of all deaths each year – it is clear there is much to be done if we’re going to beat it. Sometimes that will mean we need to fund research involving animals but we always look for ways to reduce the use of animals in research. This is not an issue we take lightly.

    Here’s a link to more information online that takes a broader look at the continuing need for animals in medical research and details the vital work of the BHF. I hope it has answered some of your questions and concerns and presented a fair picture of the BHF’s involvement in animal research. However, I do appreciate that many people have strong, personal opinions about animal research and I do of course respect your views.

    Yours sincerely,

  2. If people would have more RESPECT for HEALTH and take RESPONSIBILITY for what they put in their bodies, animals would NOT suffer bearing the brunt of HUMAN IGNORANCE and stupidity. Why won’t they use HUMAN SIMULATED MODELS for there testing????? The FDA, food ingredient research companies, and tabacco companies, etc. are mostly to blame!!!!!!!! As far as hereditary, they are Giving people heart disease….

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