Stop Abusive Tiger Tourism


Target: Department of National Parks, Wildlife and Plant Conservation (DNP)

Goal: Stop the abuse of tigers for profit at a cruel tourist attraction

Pictures of people petting and hugging beautiful tigers chained to the ground, or bottle-feeding an adorable cub at the Tiger Temple are all over the Internet. However, there are few pictures that display the deplorable conditions the tigers are kept in or the abuse they endure. The Tiger Temple needs to be shut down to prevent further abuse and breeding of tigers for tourism.

The monks state the tigers are docile because they are hand raised by people once they are a few weeks old. Tiger cubs are removed from their mothers within two to three weeks after birth; in the wild cubs will stay with their mother until they are two years old. The cubs are trained early and the monks can offer tourists the opportunity to bottle-feed tiger cubs, for a price. Tourists fail to realize as they are feeding a sweet, cute cub that it should still be with its mother. The monks carry sticks to hit the tigers if they misbehave, and will also pull their tails. Overall, monks know very little about a tiger’s needs compared to experts or conservationists.

The tigers are kept chained outside for three to four hours a day to entertain tourists, sometimes in heat as high as 104 degrees Fahrenheit. They are supposed to be in the shade to escape the heat, however many photos show the animals in the sun. There is a swimming area where the tigers outside are allowed to exercise, yet some tigers are confined in small, concrete enclosures.

An undercover volunteer operation by the Care of the Wild International reported that some tiger cubs are traded from outside of Thailand, which is illegal. A coalition of 39 conservation groups wrote a letter to the director general of National Parks in Thailand, advising the director to investigate the Tiger Temple’s lack of connection with accredited conservation breeding programs and to test the tigers to determine their value to conservation programs. The groups concluded that the Temple does not have the skills, facilities, relations with accredited zoos, or even the desire to manage its tigers for conservation purposes.

By signing the petition below you will help urge the Department of National Parks, Wildlife and Plant Conservation to shut down the Tiger Temple and find suitable homes for the tigers such as accredited sanctuaries.


Dear Director of the Department of National Parks, Wildlife and Plant Conservation of Thailand,

The Tiger Temple should be shut down because the tigers live in deplorable conditions and are abused without public knowledge. The tourists see the fun and generally safe side of the tigers, however after tour hours end the tigers are forced into small, concrete enclosures. Only a few of the tigers go out during the day to entertain tourists and exercise, while many of the tigers are kept locked away for up to 20 hours.

Additionally, the monks are illegally breeding tiger cubs, even though they do not have a proper license. Not only is the breeding program illegal, the monks lack knowledge of a tiger’s basic needs, instead they focus on how to train a tiger to be submissive towards humans. The monks will repeatedly hit the tigers and pull their tails if they are not behaving. They also tear tiger cubs from their mothers by the time they are barely two to three weeks old, creating the opportunity to profit off of tourists bottle-feeding the cubs. The Temple should be closed and the tigers should be placed in accredited sanctuaries or zoos.


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Photo credit: Nick Hubbard via Flickr

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  1. it just leaves me staggered, to think these stupid people probably earn money out of these beautiful creatures, what in gods name is it all about, who would want to hurt and ill treat these wonderful animals,why are they caged at all, nothing but lowlife scum

  2. Sonja Talboys says:

    People, (no SCUM) that earn money through cruelty to animals want stringing up, why is this sort of thing allowed to happen it is truly disgracefull and needs to be sorted NOW.

  3. Lisbeth Alvarado Sanchez says:

    The sub humans who make a living out of cruelty of animal should be sent to jail for life. This is the least tha can be done to this scumbags. All animals have the right to live free and we humans must learn to respect that.

  4. Karen Remnant says:

    It’s says alot about us humans! Why do some of our species think we can do whatever we want to the animals that are unfortunate to come into contact with us? Shame on those humans! This needs to stop NOW!

  5. The twelve tigers l saw at Tiger Temple were not chained, they all had a bowl of water the others were walking about unchained in a rocky quarry. The tourists fees pay for food for all the other animals there too. I agree wildlife belong in the wild.

  6. Ajit Varsani says:

    People who go to these places and give money to these filthy monks are morons. Taking a baby from its mother is the worse thing a human can do, be it human or animal. And then to subject the poor baby to a life of intolerable cruelty is disgusting.

  7. Animal abuse is animal abuse and it is wrong no matter done by whom..and where it happens…STOP ANIMAL ABUSE NOW!!!!!


  8. Tony Gelsthorpe says:

    I can’t seem to get my comments on here. I have tried 3 times on this petition one and it doesn’t seem to have worked yet. Any ideas on how to do it ? Thanks much,

    Maybe I should just give up on “Animal Petitions”.
    Tony G

  9. What these monks will do well to remember to they will be judged according to the stewardship here on earth and that also means how they treated God,s animals. their day of judgement awaits them.

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