Tell Animal Planet to Stop Harming Animals


Target:  Animal Planet Group President Marjorie Kaplan

Goal: Tell Animal Planet to stop mistreating animals during the production of its popular television shows

According to a recent article featured in Mother Jones magazine, Animal Planet has been sacrificing the well being of animals in order to produce more entertaining television shows. This includes hiring professional trappers to catch animals that can then be re-caught as part of staged “reality” shows. During the filming of one episode of Call of the Wildman, some baby raccoons nearly died due to the mistreatment they suffered. We must tell Animal Planet that this sort of mistreatment of animals is unacceptable, especially from a television network which purports to hold animal welfare as a priority.

In another incident, Animal Planet obtained a number of bats in order to release them into a hair salon as part of a dramatized sequence. As part of the staged program, the show’s star attempted to rescue the bats using his bare hands. Exterminators were later hired by Animal Planet to remove dead bats from the premises. Given the serious threats to bats from the disease white nose syndrome, it is disheartening to learn of this mistreatment of these animals for such a frivolous purpose.

During the filming of another episode of Call of the Wildman, the producers allegedly drugged a zebra in order to film a segment where the zebra is chased by a flatbed truck. Antics like this might be funny to some viewers, but people who care about animal welfare would find this type of mistreatment to be repugnant. Take action to let Animal Planet know that its abuse of animals to facilitate more entertaining shows will not be tolerated.


Dear Marjorie Kaplan, President of Animal Planet:

It was recently revealed that Animal Planet has been mistreating animals in order to stage situations that will make its television programs more entertaining. Essentially, animal planet is sacrificing the well being of animals in order to obtain higher ratings, and therefore make more money. Allowing animals to be mistreated to increase profits would be unethical for any company. For Animal Planet to engage in this type of animal abuse is even more insidious given the network’s reputation as a champion of animal welfare. This sort of behavior puts your network’s reputation into question.

I urge you to address the allegations made against Animal Planet regarding the mistreatment of animals that occurs during the production of shows like Call of the Wildman. It is important that Animal Planet be more careful when producing shows of this type and make the welfare of animals the top priority. The recent behavior of show producers puts the ethics of your network into question. Animal Planet must apologize for its behavior and take steps to insure that animals are not harmed during television production in the future.


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Photo credit: BS Thurner Hof via Wikimedia Commons

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  1. That’s it for my ever watching Animal Planet again. You’ve lost some valuable advertising dollars. This knowledge sickens me, the irony of this situation is a disgrace.

    • Holly, You are so right. “Animal Planet” – more like Monster Planet!

      • I could cry. I feel like every which way we turn we are lied to by an organization we thought we could trust. Thanks for the positive feedback, Stephanie.
        It’s more like Animal Slam It. sad

  2. Lisbeth Alvarado Sanchez says:

    What a shame Animal Planet. To put animals in danger just to increase your ratings. This is totally unethical and inhumane.

  3. you are digusting

  4. Mohan chatterjee Mohan chatterjee says:

    It is a pity that just to getting higher ratings and making huge money they mistreated animals badly.

    • Yep. That’s the world we live in. Animals as entertainment means certain disaster for the animal. I thought we could trust Animal Planet. I was an idiot.

  5. didi magnin says:

    I thought this went out with the Walt Disney’s film on the lemmings!SHAME ON YOU, ANIMAL PLANET AND YOUR CEOS!

  6. KatWrangler says:

    Animal Planter has hit the skids. They are no more about helping animals or the environments, and ALL about what trash will bring in the most bucks.
    I used to love AP, but who wants to watch idiots torture or kill animals for ratings.

    • You had me at ‘who wants to watch idiots’. I’m with you, I cannot even watch animal shelter commercials nor read the leaflets enclosed with animal donation requests about the animals needing help. I cry, I mean really cry. I can’t even watch nature shows when a lone tiger starving hunts and succeeds for dinner. So, there is NO way I will watch humans even yelling at an animal let alone hunt or abuse. I tell PETA, just tell me what you need me to do, don’t give me the horrid details. I already know what goes on, just tell me how to help.

  7. I use to like that Animal Planet , now with the Months going on it is going down the hill you have the tell the Advertiser Company that you will not buy ther Products till there change there Programs , that will hurt there pockets

  8. Patricia Wicker says:

    SHAME ON YOU ANIMAL PLANET!!!!! How can you sleep at night with the Abuse you allow to go on !! This is NOT Entertainment It is Animal Abuse. I will not watch you again!! I am just Heartsick, you people are Disgusting!!!

  9. Debbie Bemister Debbie Bemister says:

    Boycott Animal Planet.

  10. sandra mason says:

    comments from 2014?? these petitions have GOT to be a total waste of time.

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