Urge Major Clothing Company to Stop Selling Leather


Target: Blake W. Nordstrom, CEO of Nordstrom clothing company

Goal: Stop the sale of leather at Nordstrom and urge the company to advocate for faux leather

Nordstrom is a major clothing company headquartered in Seattle, Washington. The company features fashion-forward clothing pieces, many of which consist of leather material. Nordstrom has become a fashion leader of the industry; its influence spans far and wide and many companies strive to be as successful as Nordstrom has become. Because of this, Nordstrom’s use of leather is particularly damaging. Leather is a commodity of a cruel-industry filled with extreme abuse, filth and death. Leather use must become a thing of the past.

Leather production is a major contributor to global warming and animal cruelty. Cows, and other animals used for leather, are held in uncomfortable, overcrowded environments where they are subjected to branding, castration, dehorning and skinning while still alive, and without the use of pain killers. Factory farms are a major culprit of elevated greenhouse gas levels in our atmosphere. Methane and harmful chemicals such as arsenic are abundant on leather farms. The effects of these toxins are seen in the workers who kill the cows and in people who live nearby leather farms: cancer rates are higher than the national average in these areas.

Leather is a cruel product: there is no way around this fact. If a clothing company does not wish to stop selling leather for the animals’ sake, they must do it for the sake of the environment and the human population. There are countless other cruelty-free clothing materials available, such as faux leather, or pleather. Not only are these items cruelty-free, they look and feel just like real leather.

If Nordstrom adopts entirely cruelty-free clothing then many other companies would follow suit. By signing this petition you ensure Nordstrom’s CEO that the demand for cruelty-free clothing is growing. Urge the CEO to ditch all real leather clothing and become a leader in sustainable clothes.


Dear Blake W. Nordstrom,

I am urging you to put the environment, humans, and animals before fashion; ditch leather. Leather is a product of an incredibly abusive, filthy and poisonous industry. Cows that are raised for their skins are kept in intense confinement for the majority of their lives. The cows are subject to tail-docking, dehorning, castration, and skinning, without pain killers and often times while still alive.

Humans that work in and live around leather farms have higher cancer rates and are poisoned by arsenic, a common chemical used on leather farms. People who work on the farms often suffer mentally and physically due to the cruelty and death that surrounds them. Methane gases are abundant on leather farms and are a leading cause of global warming. The human race must severely reduce its reliance on animals as food and clothing.

Mr. Nordstrom, I urge you to discontinue your support of the leather industry. The health of humans and the world is at stake. There are plenty of cruelty-free options to consider, such as faux leather, which you already sell. Please ditch leather for good and lead a anti-leather revolution.


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Photo credit: Vrysxy via Wikimedia Commons

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  1. Modern Fake Furs and Leather looks so real now that there is no excuse to not use the alternative. I urge the store to make a commitment to ban all real leathers and furs. You either ban them or sooner or later the consumers with ban you.

  2. Humans do not need to wear furs or animal skin of any kind to keep warm in this day and age. We do not need to parade around in obscene garments made of animal coats. The animals need their coats, we do not.

  3. To all mall stop selling leather,Enough torture animals.

  4. I wrote directly to Nordstrom regarding this matter, and they replied:

    “I agree absolutely with you, my friend. I have made sure your concerns have been forwarded UP. We agree that the treatment of these animals is terrible. We are looking more closely at where we source our leather to understand more about our specific suppliers? practices. More broadly, we can tell you that all of the suppliers and vendors we do business must adhere to our partnership guidelines, which include a section about fair and humane animal welfare practices (please see http://bit.ly/1eyjHFc). Thank you sincerely for taking the time to write regarding this important issue.
    (Name of ‘Customer Service Specialist’)”

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