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Target: Joseph Martens, Commissioner of the Department of Environmental Conservation

Goal: Save New York’s mute swans from being killed off by 2025, and support humane methods of controlling the swan population

The New York swan population is in trouble. By 2025, the Department of Environmental Conservation (DEC) plans to kill all mute swans that currently occupy New York. The reasoning behind this induced extinction is not soundly based on science: essentially the birds serve as a nuisance, so they must be decimated. The mass murder of New York’s swans cannot be allowed to happen.

Mute swans have called New York home since the early 1800′s. Immigrants brought the birds with them with the goal of adding to the beauty of the area; the birds are aesthetically pleasing and bring many New Yorkers great joy. The DEC has decided to eradicate the species due to reasons that are hard to stand behind: mute swans can be aggressive, and therefore pose a threat to humans; the swans feed on submerged aquatic vegetation in mass amounts which may prove to be detrimental to the ecosystem; and the swans inhabit more areas than they did in the past.

The DEC argues that during nesting, which lasts under two months, swans are particularly aggressive, causing people to stay away from the area and miss out on favored water sports. These issues can be dealt with in a humane way, without needing to kill the swans off entirely. People are entirely capable of avoiding nesting areas for a little longer than a month, once a year, without complaining about the birds. They should avoid these areas and appreciate nature. The DEC should help the birds by relocating some of them, educating people and controlling nesting areas, as well as planting alternative foods for the birds in order to save the submerged aquatic vegetation.

Urge the DEC to understand that extinguishing the birds entirely from New York is not the right answer to any problem. The birds deserve to live there and deserve to be respected. Sign this petition to save New York’s mute swans.


Dear Joseph Martins,

By the year 2025, the New York Department of Environmental Conservation plans to have killed all free-ranging mute swans. I am extremely disappointed by this proposal and do not support the decision to kill off an entire population of an animal for any reason. I urge you to reconsider this plan; killing all mute swans is not a solution, it is a barbaric and hasty wrong-doing.

Please consider transferring some mute swan populations to areas that are capable of handling their presence. Nesting season should not be a time to declare mute swans ‘dangerous,’ or a ‘nuisance to humans;’ rather, this should be a couple of months out of the year that nesting areas are secure and the birds are left alone with their young. People can abandon their water sports for this time and learn to appreciate nature. Consider public education about mute swans; promote coexistence rather than eradication.

If the submerged aquatic vegetation (SAV) is indeed in trouble, alternatives need to be found. Ecosystems need to be able to thrive, but taking mute swans out of their ecosystem entirely has devastating effects, many that will not be known until it is too late. Try planting other foods that swans enjoy eating in an area with stable vegetation.

I urge you to consider these proposed options, and any others that do not endanger the mute swan population. Please do not make the grave mistake of killing this magnificent bird population.


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Photo credit: Dan Hutchison via Flickr

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  1. Melody Eaton Melody Eaton says:

    Beauty should be admired and respected, not slaughtered!

  2. Kill such a beautiful creature? Unbelieavable!!!! How low can humans get? Seriously?

  3. Anne-Mari Gavin says:

    God demanded RESPECT for ALL HIS creatures and creations!!!
    You will for sure one day pay the price for these evil deeds!!

  4. I cannot believe anyone would not put them selves out to look after these beautiful swans, they are so regal, and they mate for life, so why would anyone want to hurt them, sad human beings, we cannot get much lower where animals are concerned, the cruelty that goes on all over the word, why not be different, and make sure these are looked after well. please.

  5. Katalin Apathy says:

    This is one of this days that I feel shame to be a human.I honestly am shocked at the human race.I can no longer love people more than animals.Somethimes I wonder who is more worhty .For me animals are far more pure souls and capable of loving unconditionnaly.I Always see their heart when I look into their eyes,full of feelings and needs. I came to the sad conclusion a few years ago that this planet is being held to ransom by obscene psycopaths.

  6. Stephen Murphy says:

    Another stain on Americas reputation,why is murder always the first resort.

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