Cancel Long Island Deer Cull


Target: Joe Gergela, Executive Director, Long Island Farm Bureau

Goal: Find humane and sustainable alternatives to culling 3,000 deer in Long Island

Authorities in Long Island have approved a cull of wild deer populations, funded by $200,000 of taxpayer money. The plans were announced without a referendum to gauge taxpayer approval of the expensive undertaking. If the cull proceeds as planned, it will see thousands of deer shot and trapped by government-hired sharpshooters.

Scheduled to begin in February, federal sharpshooters will spend 40 days eliminating up to 3,000 deer lured with bait stations. Nets will also be used, a trapping method which causes panic and injury to many deer. The deer caught in traps will then be executed point-blank with a handgun.

Farmers and government officials consider Long Island’s high deer population to be a nuisance. The deer are being blamed for crop damage, car accidents, and an increase in tick-borne illnesses such as Lyme disease.

There is very little scientific evidence to support the efficacy of culls in reaching their intended goals. In fact, there is a substantial body of evidence that suggests culls are ineffective, and could actually worsen the issues at hand. Though possibly a “quick fix,” a cull often results in a population resurgence, particularly in healthy animal populations with abundant food sources, such as Long Island’s deer. Moreover, culls in specific areas can often push animals outward, increasing the range of possible disease transmission.

Effective, humane, and less costly alternatives include trapping deer for vaccination and birth control. Sterilizing a small percentage of breeding-age bucks is a more long-term solution to population issues. Demand that the Long Island Farm Bureau find a sustainable and compassionate alternative to a deer cull.


Dear Joe Gergela, Executive Director, Long Island Farm Bureau,

Plans were recently announced for a taxpayer funded cull of 3,000 deer in Long Island. The cull will see the animals baited and shot by sharpshooters, or trapped and executed with handguns. This quick-fix plan is neither cost effective nor sustainable, and many humane and more effective options are available.

The deer, blamed for crop destruction, car accidents, and an increase in tick-transmitted Lyme disease, could be sterilized or immunized. As a more long term way to control populations, a small percentage of bucks could be trapped, sterilized, and returned to the wild. Lyme disease can be reduced by immunization, a much more effective alternative than culling. I urge you to consider these and other options to avoid a costly and ineffective deer cull.


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Photo credit: Emery Way via Creative Commons

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  1. Because election use NO Brain, we ended up with no brainer government officials. Are they going to find something else to kill after this game is finished? We can’t just go around killing everything that we can’t handle, because we always have alternatives. Our job on this planet is to find solutions, which take some brains which these officials do not have.

  2. Anne-Mari Gavin says:

    What on earth is going on with the human race??? KILL, KILL, is the only thing they can think of!!!

    Will you be happy when there is nothing left on this earth??
    Will you then resort to killing people??

    PLEASE STOP this barbaric, evil, demonic rule over your lives before it is toooo late!!!

    Animal do not interfere with humans, why must humans always interfere with nature.

    God created every thing on this earth, and HIS instruction to us was, to TAKE CARE, LOVE AND TREAT ALL HIS CREATIONS AND CREATURES WITH THE RESPECT THEY DESERVE!!

  3. That’s the problem that is all a lot of them know, whole sale slaughter, killing for the sake of killing.

  4. What is wrong with this government? They seem to advocate for cruelty. We are not like the EU or even China has or is to have some type of ruling against animal cosmetic testing. This behavior is egregious. These animals have families to care for and what about their young? to be left to die alone? We are not a compassionate or humane country, only for a few entitled ones, but definitely not the animals. These precious animals want to live yet we are depriving them of the the remainder of their lives. Whomever is responsible is a robber for taking their lives. Shame on them!

  5. We need CHANGE, and the ones with the power to Create Real Change for our innocent ANIMAL FRIENDS have their brains up their ever sorry buts… as does the nra, such a sorry group of murderous thugs!!

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