Prosecute Abusive Dairy Farm Workers


Target: Assistant District Attorney Scott Niemi, Wisconsin

Goal: Convict workers accused of abusing dairy cows

A dairy farm in Birnamwood, Wisconsin is under fire after video captured by a private investigator showed the farm’s employees abusing dairy cows. The animal rights group, Mercy for Animals, filmed the undercover video, which shows workers kicking and punching cows, spraying the animals in the face with high-pressure water hoses and cutting off their tails with blunt pruning shears.

Andrus Dairy Farm, a three-generation, family-owned farmstead, which has been in business for nearly 70 years, was outraged to find that their employees were inflicting such cruelty upon the animals. Despite the outrage, a district attorney associated with the case, Scott Niemi, stated that no legal action would be taken against the employees, expressing that the actions caught on the video ‘…did not amount to a situation where criminal charges are warranted…’

Further, Alan Andrus, owner of the dairy farm, later issued a statement that the farm will simply do its best to curb abuse in the future. So far, the Andrus Dairy Farm has lost partnerships with two companies, Great Lakes Cheese and Mullins Cheese, with more scheduled to cut ties due to the recent allegations.

The abuses conducted on the Andrus Dairy Farm are not isolated incidents. Mistreatment of animals on dairy farms across the country is quickly becoming a pandemic. In September 2014 a dairy farm in New Mexico, also investigated by Mercy for Animals, was shut down after video footage revealed workers electrocuting cows. And, another farm in upstate New York was also reprimanded after its employees were shown on hidden camera injecting cows with bovine growth hormones, and leaving sick cows to die in cramped iron cages.

With no legal action being taken against the employees at the Andrus Dairy Farm, the work of Mercy for Animals would be in vain. Sign the petition to urge District Attorney Scott Niemi to take the allegations of abuse seriously, and to convict the employees involved in ill-treating the dairy cows.


Dear Mr. Scott Niemi,

Employees at a dairy farm in Wisconsin were recently caught on camera inflicting unnecessary abuse on defenseless dairy cows. Instead of taking legal action against them, you’ve simply ignored their callous behavior by issuing a statement saying that the situation did not warrant a criminal charge. This is simply ludicrous.

Animal abuse on dairy farms is becoming an epidemic. Farms have even been shut down because their practices are so horrifically inhumane. The only way to show that you are truly committed to serving justice is to convict the employees involved in the wicked acts caught on camera. No dairy cow should fear the workers whose job it is to take care of them.

It is obvious that the employees at Andrus Dairy Farm think it’s okay to mistreat animals. I urge you to show them that it isn’t, and recognize that the situation does indeed warrant criminal charges. Please convict the employees involved in abusing Andrus Dairy Farm’s cows.


[Your Name Here]

Photo credit: wunee via morguefile

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  1. Not prosecuting? Disgraceful!!! Well why not just subject Alan Andrus and his henchmen to one day in the place of his poor cows! Perfect!!

  2. Sara Pemberton says:

    Do the same thing to these demons! And this DA is a moron!

    • derline smithson says:

      yes, they are demonic -some of satan’s finest and those in charge who do nothing to rid the planet of these degenerate mutants are just as evil and will receive likewise torture starting with the cutting off of their penises that is if they have them which I doubt being non-human.

  3. Kathy Khoshfahm says:

    If chopping of an animals tale is not abuse, please! Define it for me. It’s all about money folks. The ones who have it make the rules…

  4. This kind of abuse cannot be tolerated! I cried reading what was done to these magnificant cows! Just look into their eyes and you can see the love and innocence and do not deserve that type of treatment! These people should be fired at once and left in prison for the rest of their lives.
    Let them stay in a prison, on a cement floor, no blanket, no
    food, nothing at all for them! They are disgusting beings and do not deserve anything whatsoever!


  6. Do you have any children Mr Niemi? How would you like it if those workers attacked your children in the same way that they brutally attacked those innocent, sweet cows? Those workers are savage beasts who deserve to be in prison and so do you for not taking your job seriously!!!

  7. This is an outrage. The DA is a low-rent asshole.

  8. Thank Our lucky Star,we have the internet,let’s expose all this brutal,insensitive mean spirited Activity by these Psychopath’s once and for all! At any Cost eradicate them! Let’s only compassionate and caring Humans fill the Earth!

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