Condemn Cattle Farmer for Animal Cruelty

Cow Carcass

Target: James Stratton

Goal: Condemn farmer for animal cruelty and the death of his cattle

James Stratton has been sent to jail for one year for the deaths of several of his cattle and other animal cruelty charges. Investigators who arrived on the scene of his farm found emaciated cattle, along with carcasses littered all over the property. The living cows were found to be hungry or starving, trying to find food and clean water among the decomposing corpses. Stratton runs a bed and breakfast with his family and raised cattle so he could feed the meat to his dogs. Not only has Mr. Stratton been sent to jail, but he has been banned from owning animals for the next ten years.

Investigators arrived at the farm after a recently hired employee saw the state of the animals and notified authorities. It was a cold, snowy day when the investigators found the remains of 11 sets of animal bones, a sheep carcass, and 33 decomposed cattle among the live cattle. An investigator described some of the cattle being stuck in the ring feeder; one such cow was stuck because a carcass prevented it from getting out. One such bull was mummified while another live cattle was so malnourished that it couldn’t move. Footage revealed at the courts show a dirty water supply, water dripping from the roof, and the cattle walking in a slurry that was several feet deep. Any calves that were born under these conditions could easily be trampled by the cattle and suffocate from walking in the slurry.

When Stratton was contacted by authorities, he was at a ski resort with his family and wouldn’t return home immediately. Despite being informed of the discovery, Stratton extended his holiday by another day. Of the 37 cattle Stratton owned, only 9 of them were properly registered, and four had passports. He claims he was unable to tag all of his cattle because they were too wild for him to approach. Stratton told investigators that he was aware of the carcasses and had moved them into the slurry to deal with when he returned from his vacation.

The judge called the farm a ‘concentration camp’ for animals and severely scolded Stratton for his mistreatment of his cattle. Condemn this farmer for neglecting his animals and allowing so many to die in cruel and vile conditions.


Dear James Stratton,

I am writing this letter to express my disdain at the neglect and mistreatment you’ve shown to your cattle and sheep. Quite frankly, I am appalled that you let the condition of your animals get this way without asking for help, especially when a number of the dead animals are calves. I also cannot believe you didn’t return home right away when authorities informed you of their discovery. Instead, you stayed on vacation at a ski resort for an extra day.

I am not surprised that you are being sent to jail for the suffering you’ve caused these cows, as they depended upon you for food and shelter. I hope you have learned your lesson and should you ever get the privilege of owning an animal again, I hope you will show it much more love and compassion than you’ve shown your cattle.


[Your Name Here]

Photo credit: Aiden Whiteley via flickr

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  1. Sheila Jefferson says:

    Heartbreaking..those animals depended on you.
    What is wrong with people like you?

  2. Melody Eaton Melody Eaton says:

    This man should be weighed down with so many fines that he could only afford another holiday for as long as he lives! Sadistic Mongrel!!

  3. Do you ever wonder if these sad, sick stories are just made up because they are so outrageous? This inhumane and cruel owner should be banned from ever having or being around animals as he doesn’t have the least bit of respect for life and it shows in how he treats animals. He knew the conditions of the animals and how dire it was nd he couldn’t take the time to come home and take care of urgent ?business? WHAT A MONSTER. I HOPE THAT THEY TREAT HIM THE SAME WAY IN JAIL. NO FOOD,NO HEAT AND HE HAS TO DRINK AND SLEEP IN FECES. MAYBE HE WOULD LEARN HOW TO TREAT THE LIVING BUT I HIGHLY DOUBT IT BECAUSE NORMALLY YOU ARE BORN WITH A HEART AND KNOW HOW TO TREAT AND RESPECT LIFE BUT THIS GUY DIDN’T GET A HEART SO HE DOESN’T KNOW HOW TO TREAT THE LIVING.

  4. WiZaRd Of The Wolf Nation says:

    James Stratton, you stupid redneck infidel!!!
    From this day forward and forevermore,


  5. You call yourself a farmer, Mr. Stratton? Farmers care for their animals! You are nothing but a greedy, cruel, apathetic creatures of this Earth. You don’t deserve to be called a farmer – not even a human being. I hope they keep you in jail longer than 1 year, so you will experience the sufferings of the poor animals who were under your care. People like you, James, the world doesn’t need. You’re dispensable!

  6. Eleanor Williams says:

    If there were a definition of a person that deserved the death penalty – it’s him.


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