Save Dolphins From Captivity and Slaughter


Target:  Japanese Ambassador to the United States, Sasae Kenichiro

Goal: End the traditional capture and slaughter of dolphins in Taiji, and boycott Japanese products until this happens

Each year from September to April in Taiji, Japan, the local residents come together to trap hundreds of dolphins in a cove in order to slaughter them. The villagers beat the dolphins with mallets in order to drive them into the cove and trap them behind a net. After a small group of dolphins is removed from the pod to be sold to aquatic parks, the rest are brutally killed by having a long, steel pin driven into their brainstem. The dolphin meat, which contains such a high level of mercury that it is dangerous to eat, is distributed among the villagers and sold at grocery stores. It is a senselessly brutal activity, and we must boycott Japanese products until the Japanese government puts an end to the practice.

Since the release of the movie The Cove, these massacres are no longer a secret. But despite the protests of so many people, the Japanese government has refused to do anything to slow or end the slaughter.  Activists are harassed and threatened by the Japanese fishermen who attempt to prevent the activists from documenting their actions on film. Japanese police often close public areas in order to make it more difficult to view or film the slaughter.

The Sea Shepherd Conservation Society witnessed one particularly gruesome slaughter recently.  Upwards of 250 dolphins at once, including many babies and juveniles, were herded into a cove and slaughtered.

If the Japanese government refuses to do anything about the dolphin slaughter in Taiji, the cruel practice will continue. In fact, the slaughters have become even larger in recent years. We must come together to condemn this barbarity and tell the Japanese government that we intend on boycotting Japanese products for as long as this dolphin massacre continues.


Dear Ambassador Sasae:

In Taiji, Japan, it is a tradition for the local residents to come together to trap hundreds of dolphins in a cove in order to slaughter them. After capturing some of the dolphins so that they can be inhumanely confined for the rest of their lives in aquatic parks, the rest are brutally killed.

This slaughter of dolphins is a barbaric and unnecessary practice. It is a senseless massacre that the rest of the world watches with horror. Dolphins are sensitive, intelligent creatures and deserve to be treated with greater respect by the people of Japan.

I urge you to advise your government to end this senseless massacre. As long as this slaughter continues, I intend on avoiding the purchase of any products that are imported from Japan.


[Your Name Here]

Photo credit: Jeff Kraus via Flickr

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  1. stewart parks says:

    On many of the news stations across the US on Tuesday ,headlines read Dolphins swimming with surfers off the coast of Santa Barbara. Those beautiful, intelligent mammals looked as though they were racing with the surfers. What a beautiful and joyous sight to see this pod interacting with humans…..meanwhile across the ocean in Japan , a massive slaughter of dolphins was taking place. I visualized the fear that these trusting mammals felt as they were trapped in the cove of blood for a merciless slaughter.. Can we not keep some of nature’s beauty in the world safe from death and greed to be enjoyed by many generations to come

  2. Melody Eaton Melody Eaton says:

    The japs need to stay away from the seas? Every time they enter the water something dies! This must stop!!!!!

  3. Kae Blecha, OTR says:

    Hats off to Ambassador Caroline Kennedy for tweeting her concerns about the inhumanity of the dolphin round-up. She shows a great deal of restraint toward a bunch of people who started a war, used live civilians and POW’s for bayonet practice, and torpedoed her father. Some Japanese have tweeted in response that they don’t understand how Americans can protest their actions when we have cruel slaughterhouses. That’s true, but we also have vocal animal rights activists who protest such things. Where are the Japanese activists? Apparently the character of that country hasn’t changed much in 70 years.

  4. I know one thing for sure l will be going to extreme efforts to make sure that l will not buy any products form Japan

  5. Sandra Zaninovich says:

    I am absolutely disgusted and totally incredulous that years after the documentary “The Cove” won the Oscar for best documentary, this inconceivably cruel and horrific slaughter of these innocent, beautiful and intelligent animals is STILL GOING ON!!!!!!! How could this be possible?!?! Thanks to CNN for featuring this constantly and doing what they can to call the world’s attention to it. And thanks to Ambassador Kennedy for the same!!! Let us all raise our voices and end this once and for all. Those sweet and friendly animals are depending on us to be their voice.

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