Save Otters from Toxic Water Pollution

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Target: EPA Administrator Gina McCarthy

Goal: Keep deadly pollutants out of the waterways that otters and their pups call home

*This petition is in collaboration with Care2, thereby allowing all signatures to appear in a single location.

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  1. elaine peters says:

    Water should be clean for all creatures; These otters tell us if we humans can use it for the benefit of all.

  2. Tatiana Quinones says:

    Clean water is essential for wildlife. Keep it clean, we demand it.

  3. Irena Franchi says:

    Save Otters from Toxic Water Pollution.

  4. suzanne beck says:

    Keep our planet clean!!!!

  5. Hmm, I got the email to sign the petition, which of course I want to do, but I don’t see anywhere to do so.. ?

    But I absolutely support clean water for the otters and all other animals.

  6. carly chichester says:

    We can pretty much do without fuel….always being able to find or develop a substitute for gas, oil, etc…..but there is absolutely nothing to replace our water supply.

  7. Where is the petition demanding forthe cleaning of rivers & all waters polluted by human greed and carelessness & indifference ….

  8. Gordon MacDonald says:

    Toxic pollutants are contaminating the streams where river otters swim and raise their young. Please act to save otters from big polluters, and protect the waterways that these playful mammals need to survive.

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