Stop Major Retailer from Supporting the Torture of Small Mammal

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Target: Jeffrey Bezos, Founder and Chief Executive Officer,

Goal: Demand stop selling exploitative coffee and help end the torture of wild civets

Held captive on “kopi luwak” farms, the shy and nocturnal civet, or luwak, suffers immeasurable physical and psychological abuse at the hands of poachers. This small, cat-like creature is another victim of the global market. Due to his penchant for eating coffee cherries, the civet has become famous for his feces, which often contain the partially digested remains of coffee beans. The resulting bean is a highly valued product known as kopi luwak, or, civet coffee.

The wild civet is kept in a tiny wire cage, force-fed massive amounts of coffee cherries, suffers malnutrition, injury and worse. These innocent creatures endure this cruelty – often going insane from the captivity – just so someone, usually thousands of miles away, can pay a ridiculous sum for a beverage made of poop. By continuing to sell kopi luwak,, the world’s largest online retailer, appears to condone the capture, abuse and force-feeding of the tiny civet.

Last year, a petition was launched against the British department store Harrod’s, asking them to stop selling the cruelly-produced coffee. The petition was successful and Harrod’s recently removed kopi luwak from its shelves.

As with the successful Harrod’s campaign, in order to end the horrific treatment of civets, we must notify retailers that their participation is unacceptable. Sign the petition and tell Amazon to follow Harrod’s lead and get out of the disgusting civet coffee trade.


Dear Mr. Bezos,

We write to ask that, a company of enormous size and influence, stand up against a product that’s a proven source of immense cruelty.

Civet coffee, or kopi luwak, has no place on or on the shelves of any retailer. Considered by some to be a coffee delicacy, and with disreputable producers making false claims about its rarity and origin, this unusual bean commands a hefty price. But the truth behind the mysterious kopi luwak trade is horrific. In order to produce the partially-digested bean, tiny wild civets are captured and brutalized; their bodies crammed into wire cages as they’re force-fed massive amounts of coffee cherries.

Once these revelations of wild civet abuse became public, the British department store Harrod’s agreed with consumer concerns and removed kopi luwak from its shelves. And even the man who first imported the bean to the west, Tim Wild, now regrets having done so, going so far as to spearhead public awareness campaigns in hopes of ending the trade.

We therefore implore to do as Harrod’s has done. End your endorsement of kopi luwak immediately. There is no excuse for your participation; to profit from something this heinous is unconscionable. Until you take a stand and stop selling kopi luwak we will boycott your website and products and encourage others to do so as well.


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Photo Credit: public domain via Wikipedia Commons

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  1. Deborah Craig says:

    There’s no way this coffee tastes SO much better/different than any other coffee. Stop brutalizing animals just so some bozo can say he’s bought today’s current fad.

  2. Christine Stewart says:

    “Wild civet” coffee probably tasted good because the animal was free to consume only the best coffee cherries. “Factory farmed” civet coffee is cruelty just for profit- like angora rabbit fur, foie gras from force fed geese, and down from caged ducks…..

  3. Non comprerò più nulla da Amazon !

  4. Sheila Jefferson says:

    How evil heartless selfish!

  5. Really?! Now this unnessacery treatment of animals? This is so beyond my comprehending thoughts…… Just for $$$ fuck $$$$$!!!!!!!!

  6. This whole situation is ****ed up on so many levels.

  7. I wrote directly to Amazon about this matter. Recently, Amazon won hearts by refusing to sell foie gras. They replied:
    I’m writing to follow up on our recent chat conversation.
    I’ve forwarded your inquiry to our Catalog team . I understand that you are interested in the welfare of the Asian palm civet, we have launched an investigation for this issue on your favor and your request is being analyzed
    If you have any further questions, please visit our online Help pages:
    Thanks for your patience. We hope to see you again soon.
    Best regards,

    Keep the pressure on Amazon to kick out this vile Civet coffee!

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