Don’t Strip Grizzly Bears of Endangered Status

Target: Greg Sheehan, Acting Director, U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service

Goal: Protect population of Yellowstone grizzly bears by keeping their endangered status intact.

The Trump Administration is going to strip the Yellowstone grizzly bear of its endangered species status. The population of the grizzly bear has rebounded significantly under the Endangered Species Act, but the animal still deserves protection.

Removing the grizzly bear from the endangered species list will open it up to habitat loss and hunting. After a few years, the bear will once again see startlingly low numbers.

The grizzly bear’s resurgence is proof that the Endangered Species Act works. All of the hard work and success that went into keeping the bear from extinction will be for nothing once protections go away. Sign the petition and demand that protections not be stripped from the bear.


Dear Mr. Sheehan,

The Yellowstone grizzly bear has seen an incredible resurgence since it was added to the endangered species list, going from a population of just over 100 to a population of nearly 700. However, now the government is seeking to strip the bear of its protections.

The bear is proof that the Endangered Species Act does work. Stripping it of its protections will only put the bear back at the startlingly low population levels it once had. I ask that, despite its increase in numbers, the bear continue to be protected under the Endangered Species Act.


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Photo Credit: United States Fish and Wildlife Service

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  1. ALL wildlife is essential for the survival of the planet and the humans who live on it. Each species, no matter its size nor how insignificant it may seem to humans, has its own role in making this planet work and thrive efficiently.

    Humans, however, are the least necessary species on earth, and the earth and every other species on it would fare much better without any of us or the destruction we leave in our wake.

    Man’s self-righteousness, selfishness, callousness, carelessness, thoughtlessness, greed and avarice is destroying our planet and all who live and depend on it.

  2. Tina shurtleff says:

    These bears and other wildlife were not put here for some idiots target practice. They have a purpose and are held in high regard by most Americans. Typical
    Republican. Ignore the many to appease the few with some cash thrown in

    • Kristine Colarossi says:

      Hey, whoa there Tina, why do so many Democrats, or whatever the heck you are, ASSUME this is the actions of a “typical Republican”, and all Republicans are against animals when the TRUTH is MOST of us LOVE them, and will ALWAYS fight for them!! Just because there are still idiots who love to “trophy” hunt, or get there kicks killing cute little prairie dogs minding their own business on land that is rightfully theirs does NOT mean they speak for all of us!!!

      • Diana Reid says:

        Perhaps because our friend Donald Trump has taken them off the endangered list (and I’m not a Democrat, by the was, just a mere human who hates to see all this slaughtering of wild animals going rampart).

  3. Kristine Colarossi says:

    What’s with all the righteous people in positions of power out there who think they have a right to decide how many of each type of wild animal they will ALLOW to live in each area, THEIR wild lands, could you just IMAGINE if anyone ever suggested putting a CAP on human lives?? I HATE hunting, I don’t even like to kill a bug, but done responsibly there is proof that it produces not only healthier herds, BUT spares many from the suffering of starvation in over populated areas where there may not be enough food, especially during rough winters, or drought conditions, BUT the righteous folks who often support hunting for “sport” have abused their power, and continue to do what is in THEIR, and their fellow hunters best interest, rather than protecting the animals they were put in charge to protect!! The entire system, Fish & Wildlife Services, The Bureau of Land Management successfully destroying our wild horses, they ALL need to be put under SERIOUS review, and educated on allowing wild animals to run wild,rather than those in charge being allowed to continue to run wild, doing whatever they please, while they destroy wildlife, AND profit from it!!!

  4. Tanya Knappman says:

    Please do not take the grizzly bears off the endangered species list! Why is it that some humans have total disregard for animals? This is their home, not ours!!!!!


  6. Bev Woodburn says:

    This fuck psychopathic idiot Trump thinks he is God. Come on America show this monster Trump who he really is. A monster from hell. Get rid of this filth.

  7. Livia Buchman says:

    Where’s the Justice for our animals they were here first just let them live!!!!!!!!

  8. Lisa Zarafonetis says:

    Signed & shared❗️?

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