Demand Justice For Puppy Hung from Ceiling


Target: District Attorney Michael Jackson

Goal: Demand jail time for couple accused of hanging 4-month-old puppy from ceiling

In recent news, a couple from Alabama committed a shocking act of animal abuse when they decided to hang their 4-month-old puppy from the ceiling by its neck. What’s worse is that the couple proceeded to photograph the event — posting pictures to their Facebook pages as a joke.

Caroline Dunham and Andrew Parrish were reported to the police after the graphic pictures started an all-out war against the couple on Facebook. According to reports, Dunham fired back at commentators, stating that she was the one who hung the puppy to the ceiling with a rope and didn’t find anything she did wrong. She also went on to say that she didn’t care about what anyone thought of her for doing it.

The small mixed-breed puppy, named Timmy, suffered a broken tooth and obvious amount of distress. When he arrived to animal control volunteers stated that he was shy, unresponsive and in some pain due to the broken tooth. The bizarre event is just one of countless other cases, in the same area, of animal abuse. A volunteer with the local Selma Animal Hospital stated “There’s just lots of cases like his of people abusing dogs, thinking it’s funny to hang them up and not feed them and leave them outside to freeze and fight them…”

Though Timmy is in custody of Animal Control and said to be doing better, Dunham and Parrish are free on a $500 bond as they await a hearing. Sign the petition to tell District Attorney Michael Jackson that this couple deserves jail time.


Dear District Attorney Michael Jackson,

The recent case of Caroline Dunham and Andrew Parrish has shocked and outraged animal rights activists across the country. The couple, accused of hanging their 4-month-old puppy from the ceiling of their home, by its neck, is dismaying and I believe that if you feel as strongly about animal rights as I do, that these two deserve jail time — not justice. A paltry $500 bond is simply unacceptable and there’s no telling what else this couple could do to other innocent animals if they walk free.

I urge you to take initiative and realize that the actions of Dunham and Parrish are unforgivable, to consider the fact that they took to social media to publicize the event; they acted heartlessly and carelessly. Behind bars is where this couple belongs and I hope that you will help serve justice for Timmy and the countless other animals being abused in the area.


[Your Name Here]

Photo Credit: Kevin Tostado via everystockphoto

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  1. To address the posts here “applauding” facebook for shedding light on these cases…They are NOT doing it, animal advocates are posting from other sites like PETA, IDA etc. so if you really want to be informed I suggest getting updates from them.
    Facebook should not be the source you get information from, it is a social site and while you may see some awareness about cruelty they also still have pages that SHOW blatant cruelty.
    Do a search for hunting, abuse, bestiality…and you will find them on facebook.
    Again, they hide behind ‘freedom of speech’ because the larger percentage of people still adhere to the outdated notion that animals are our “property”.
    Be informed, be educated, trust your own instincts.

  2. Sharon beller says:

    I think Facebook encourages these acts because these morons & lowlife sociopaths get off on the attention they get after posting acts.

  3. Gail Calhoun says:

    Another torture event making news in the animal world from the not so great state of Arkansas. last it was Searcy County–61 dogs shot in the woods left to die, Now it is Selma County. Arkansas must get a grip on the crimes committed on animals in that State. Also recently a petition circulated was the case of several dogs found that were burned and skinned for the sake of torture-being investigated, I hope.It was the purpose of the petition to urge the investigation of these tortures because the law was prepared to brush it off, not considering they have a serious problem –if you can imagine. The police there must gain proper training.These people don’t need to be allowed to own dogs.The Oregon Supreme Court has written, and it is accepted by law that dogs are sentient beings. Oregon also has prosecutors for the sole purpose of investigating crimes on animals. All States should have.

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