Thank Congress for Saving Horses from Slaughter

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Target: Representative Robert Aderholt, Chairman of the United States House Agriculture Appropriations Sub-Committee

Goal: Congratulate Congress for standing firm against foreign companies and keeping horse slaughterhouses out of the United States

A tireless effort by animal rights advocates to keep horse slaughterhouses out of the United States has paid off. Congress has used the power of the purse to prevent horse slaughter for human consumption by refusing to fund or hire inspectors. Without inspection, horse meat cannot be sold to people. This effectively keeps horse slaughterhouses out of the United States. Congratulate Representative Robert Aderholt for listening to the people of the United States and keeping this horrible practice off of U.S. soil.

Polls consistently show that the vast majority of people in the United States are against slaughtering horses for consumption. Horse slaughterhouses also increase local crime and horse theft, pollute the environment, and are inhumane. Studies have shown most of the horses, over 90%, were healthy when sent to slaughter and could have led long, active lives.  The people of the United States consider horses to be companions, not food.

Prior to 2007, three major horse slaughterhouses operated in the United States, sending horse meat overseas for human consumption. Local action closed them down, but the slaughter of horses for human consumption was still possible on U.S. soil. The new fiscal spending bill effectively ends this abhorrent practice by removing all funds for site and horse meat inspections. Without inspectors the slaughterhouses can’t operate.

Thank Representative Robert Aderholt for standing up for horses and using his budget authority to ensure horse slaughterhouses cannot operate in the United States.


Dear Representative Aderholt,

Thank you for the work you have done as the Chairman of the House Agriculture Appropriates Sub-Committee to keep horse slaughterhouses out of the United States.

Horse slaughterhouses inhumanely kill healthy horses to sell as food overseas. In the process they pollute the environment, are a nuisance to local neighborhoods, have no way to humanely transport the horses, and cause an increase in crime and horse theft to meet the demand of the slaughterhouses. Local community action closed the last operating slaughterhouse in the United States in 2007, but your work to deny funding to horse slaughterhouse inspections will make sure they stay closed.

Mr. Aderholt, thank you for listening to the will of the people and saving horses from these horrible companies that want to slaughter them for food.


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Photo Credit: Steppinstar via Pixabay

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  1. it does not sound like much but thank you.

  2. Patricia Wicker says:


  3. Thank you so much. I have respect for you because you certainly did the right thing.

  4. Thank you! You deserve a heartfelt thanks for standing up to people who have no concern for the creatures in this world. If there is an overpopulation of horses it
    is because of careless humans that over breed. We are suppose to be caretakers of animals not destroyers.

  5. Thanks for doing the right thing and saving these horses from slaughter.

  6. stewart parks says:

    Many thanks for saving our first mode of transportation in America. I was so distraught when I first heard that the US was considering the slaughter of horses in our country. When I think of all of the services that these free magnificent animals have brought to us.. and now since we have cars/planes/ trains/boats, we want to destroy these animals. This action was the moral, good and right thing to do for animals who cannot speak for themselves.

  7. WiZaRd Of The Wolf Nation says:

    Thank you for saving our horses…
    Now if you can do the same by saving our wolves,
    coyotes, and other sacred creatures,
    I’ll be a happy howler, doin’ my wolfie happy dance.

  8. Sheila Jefferson says:

    Thank you!!! 🙂

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