Save Bears Trapped in Scorching Summer Heat at Roadside Zoo

Target: Sonny Perdue, Head of United States Department of Agriculture (USDA)

Goal: Investigate Wilson’s Wild Animal Park for allegedly keeping bears in scorching summer heat.

Wilson’s Wild Animal Park, a roadside zoo in Virginia, has allegedly not been providing any relief from the summer heat for its bears. The park’s bears live in a cage with concrete floors and a typically empty water trough, according to reports. It is only going to get hotter this summer, and these bears need relief from the sweltering heat.

In captivity, especially in bare pits like the ones in which Wilson’s Wild Animal Park’s bears are forced to live, bears face many physical and mental problems. The lack of stimulation often leads to excessive stress, pacing, and swaying. In addition, harsh concrete floors can lead to physical ailments including arthritis and problems with their paws.

Sign this petition and demand the USDA investigate this roadside zoo and at the very least provide the bears with relief from the scorching heat.


Dear Mr. Perdue,

Wilson’s Wild Animal Park is a roadside zoo in Virginia that has a history of animal welfare issues. It has already been cited by the USDA for failing to provide adequate enrichment, proper veterinary care, and proper caging for dangerous animals. Now, the zoo is allegedly not providing relief from the summer heat for its bears. It is only going to get hotter and these bears need our help.

Wilson’s Wild Animal Park’s bears live in a cage lined with concrete floors, and according to reports, their water troughs are rarely filled. The pit is bare and the lack of stimulation causes excessive stress in the bears. In addition, concrete can lead to physical issues including arthritis and other problems with their sensitive paws.

Please investigate Wilson’s Wild Animal Park for the bears’ sake and for any other issues that could be causing harm to the park’s animals. These animals belong in the wild, not caged for human entertainment. The least we could do is make sure they have the basic needs to survive and live comfortably.


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Photo credit: N_Steffens

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  1. Louise Jeffery says:

    Disgusting and although this is in the USA things are becoming worse for animals everywhere including my own once animal loving country the UK which has seen a dramatic increase in animal cruelty in the last twenty years. We don’t have roadside zoos but we have other things such as dog fighting on the increase which was practically unheard of when I was growing up. Back to this particular story it is shocking and I hope that the authorities take the appropriate action, this place should be closed.

  2. Lisa Zarafonetis says:

    Dungeon of hell❗️?
    Signed & shared ?

  3. Simon Rimmer says:

    Animal cruelty must become a death penalty crime.

  4. WTF!!!!!There is NOTHING right about this!Animals are NOT ours to keep captive…. Release these bears to a sanctuary..To visitors at this hell hole…How can you watch these animals suffer???Fun for you???I hate people!!!!!

  5. this petition needs to be updated to reflect the CURRENT head of the USDA.

  6. lynn woods says:

    things are getting worse for animals in the US between hell holes like this and the cruelty forced on animals in science labs the slaughtering of horses and the so called humans that starve and torture what the hell is wrong with that country the animal abusers should be punished severely not tapped on the wrist shame shame on this country for their treatment of animals

  7. I hate seeing animals in captivity – seeing them neglected like this just adds to it.

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