Stop People Who Are Mutilating Wild Rabbits’ Ears With Keychains

Target: Jed Whitchurch, Sergeant of Illinois Department of Natural Resources

Goal: Find and punish person responsible for cruelly piercing the ears of wild rabbits.

Someone has been piercing the ears of wild rabbits and hanging odd objects from the piercings. Multiple wild rabbits have been seen with key chains and even metro passes hanging from their pierced ears. Piercing a rabbit’s ear can damage their hearing, which is critical for their survival. Their ears also play an important role in controlling their body temperature.

Locals from the area have reportedly been trapping the rabbits and removing the cruel objects, but their efforts haven’t been very successful so far. This trend needs to be stopped immediately before more people are encouraged toward this senseless animal cruelty. Please add your signature to the petition below to demand that authorities make it a priority to find the people responsible and harshly punish them.


Dear Sergeant Whitchurch,

Someone has been mutilating the ears of wild rabbits and using ear piercings to hang objects from them. The wild animals have been spotted with metro passes and key chains hanging from their ears.

This act of senseless animal cruelty must be stopped before it becomes a trend to mutilate innocent animals. We, the undersigned, are calling on you to utilize all possible resources to ensure that the piercings be removed from the animals and the people doing this be found and severely punished.


[Your Name Here]

Photo credit: Eric Kilby

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  1. Scott Rondeau says:

    Signed. Karma plus a 1 way express ticket to Burn In Hell all worthless scumbag asshole piece of shit trash responsible for the heinous horrific barbaric unjustified intentional cruelty of innocent life!!!!

  2. Nooshin Perla says:

    God damn these no good nasty sick people. Until we have a very strong laws against these LOSERS, they won’t stop. PEOPLE IN CHARGE, GET YOUR ACT TOGETHER AND MAKE IT HAPPEN!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Kristine Colarossi says:

      Totally agree, not NEARLY enough is done to deter, and punish these psychopaths!! I can’t even fathom how these sickos even think of these barbaric ideas let alone act on them, disgusting to say the least!!

  3. Ethan Decaprio says:

    Why are so many animal cruelty cases out of Illinois?

  4. the scumbags that do this to animals needs to be tracked down and arrested.
    They need to be pierced on their bodies where it is the most sensitive.then
    they can be put in prison with the worst criminals there are and abused every
    day of their lives. Lets see how tough they are then.

  5. Nena Miller says:

    These assholes should have their brains pierced!

  6. kay allan says:

    i am staggered at the lengths some people go to to do such stupid things, why, what are the rabbits doing to you, just leave them alone.

  7. That’s disgusting. Amazing how many low lives are out there.
    I hope these petitions are getting something done. I never get any updates that they have accomplished something.

  8. Lisa Allred Lisa Zarafonetis says:

    Chop their ears off❗️?
    Signed & Shared?

  9. And people wonder why crime happens to them. We need to find justice for animals before those criminals find us. The rabbits deserve to have their tormentors found and severely punished. Please don’t allow this illegal activity to go without justice.

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