Punish Person Who Abandoned 24 Cats in a Hot Car

Target: Ray Kroeze, Chief Inspector, RSPCA Tasmania

Goal: Go after person who abandoned two dozen cats in a locked car.

Two dozen cats were recently found locked in a car on a hot day. The cats were emaciated and left in the car for an estimated four days before rescuers found them. RSPCA inspectors gained access to the car with the help of police to save the animals. After rescue, they were taken to a veterinarian where they required care for dehydration, emaciation, and myriad other health issues.

If they had not been found, it’s extremely likely that these animals would have died. According to RSPCA Tasmania chief inspector Ray Kroeze, investigators are currently “considering” whether or not to lay charges in this incident.

Kroeze did go on to warn owners against leaving their animals in cars or other confined spaces. “Never leave animals alone for extended periods of time without proper planning for their care and attention,” he said. “It can lead to severe discomfort, dehydration, and even death,” he continued.

This cruel abandonment cannot go unpunished. If authorities decide not to go after the person responsible, they will send the message that animal cruelty is not taken seriously. Sign the petition below to demand that authorities go after the person who left these cats to die.

The RSPCA Tasmania has responded to this petition indicating:

“Unfortunately the media report does not accurately reflect the wider story behind this rescue event, therefore we believe this petition to be well intentioned but unwittingly misguided and unfair to RSPCA staff, who each day strive to care for and protect animals.
At no stage did RSPCA Tasmania state that we would not be laying charges. The investigation is not to that stage. I can say that this case is an unusual one and has presented particular challenges with the investigations, hence the advice to media that ‘investigations are continuing.’

Our first priority was to rescue and provide care for the animals and then continue with tracking down the car ‘s (and possibly the cats’) owner. This work is ongoing and if evidence of wrongdoing or illegal acts become available to us then we would of course use all our powers to enforce the laws.”


Dear Mr. Kroeze,

Two dozen cats were recently found abandoned, locked in a car for an estimated four days. The cats were emaciated and had other health issues. They had to be rescued by RSPCA inspectors and police. If they had not been rescued, it’s quite likely that these animals would have died.

So far, though you have warned pet owners against leaving their animals in cars or other confined spaces, you have said that the RSPCA is only “considering” laying charges in relation to this abandonment. If the person responsible is allowed to get away without charges, this will send a message that animal cruelty is not taken seriously. We, the undersigned, demand that you work to find and punish the person responsible for this abandonment in order to ensure that no more animals are subjected to this same abuse.


[Your Name Here]

Photo credit: Wenliang Chen

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  1. Eva Cantu says:


    • Maybe many so called animal rights organizations aren’t pushing hard enough to not lose self promotion?!

  2. Pattie Wolf says:

    this person is sick – why would he leave 24 cats in a car except to die? He has to be punished Can’t they find him by the registration of the car?

  3. Caroline Burton says:

    No question about this. You must find the low life coward/s who think this kind of cruelty is acceptable and then make sure they know it is not, no way, acceptable. If the laws against such cruelty are weak, then strengthen them. The progress of our moral consciousness must be reflected in the laws, not restricted by them. Doing nothing to find and punish the culprits is giving the wrong message to everyone.

  4. This bastard needs to be penalised by 24,one for each cat that was abused.Prison is the only place for this prick and of course with no air conditioning.. Suffer u cruel scumbag..Parts of Australia have good,strict animal abuse laws but for some reason the courts don’t deal them out and RSPCA don’t help by ‘considering’charging the perpetrator

  5. The person that did this needs to be punished period! Justice needs to be served. STOP letting stupid humans think it’s alright to abuse animals…

  6. Rita Swanson says:

    Tasmania? Just as I’d thought…humans don’t live there.

  7. What the hell is the matter with people??? Did they all just plain loose what little brain that they were given??? THIS KIND OF CRAP MAKES ME SICK AND MAD AS HELL. Severely punish the monster who did this. That doesn’t mean a slap on the wrist either. Jail them, fine them a huge amount, ban them from having or being around animals and demand psychiatric help as they are more than just sick they are evil.
    I hope all these poor animals recover and find new wonderful loving homes as they all deserve it!!!

  8. Bruce Wilkinson says:

    Pus-lipped prick-licking jack-off shitheads. Kill the fucking cunts.

  9. Bev Woodburn says:

    Ray Kroeze, Chief Inspector, RSPCA Tasmania

    Go after person who abandoned two dozen cats in a locked car.

    Don’t let this animal torturing psychopathic degenerate monster get away with this vile and evil sadism and evilness committed against defenceless and innocent cats and kittens.

    This animal torturing psycho must be jailed for deliberate animal torture and suffering then put to death.

    It’s a pity that Animal Protection Laws don’t have the death penalty. If I had anything to say I would put this psycho animal torturing monster to death by putting this fuck into a locked car until this monster died.

    Die you psycho animal torturing degenerate monster slowly.

    I am sickened by the unimaginable heinous atrocities committed against innocent and defenceless sentient being here in Australia and Worldwide.

    Animal Protection Laws of the death penalty must be brought into action when psycho animal torturing monster commit deliberate animal torture and suffering against the innocent and voiceless. The death penalty is a must. Without this animal torturing filth innocent sentient beings would be able to live out there precious lives, without the threat of the animal torturing lowlife human species.

    An eye for an eye the saying goes.

  10. Bev Woodburn says:

    This psycho animal torturing monster deliberately locked those precious and innocent cats and kittens in that car so they would die an agonising death.
    Kill the psycho monster.

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