Punish Person Who Abandoned 24 Cats in a Hot Car

Target: Ray Kroeze, Chief Inspector, RSPCA Tasmania

Goal: Go after person who abandoned two dozen cats in a locked car.

Two dozen cats were recently found locked in a car on a hot day. The cats were emaciated and left in the car for an estimated four days before rescuers found them. RSPCA inspectors gained access to the car with the help of police to save the animals. After rescue, they were taken to a veterinarian where they required care for dehydration, emaciation, and myriad other health issues.

If they had not been found, it’s extremely likely that these animals would have died. According to RSPCA Tasmania chief inspector Ray Kroeze, investigators are currently “considering” whether or not to lay charges in this incident.

Kroeze did go on to warn owners against leaving their animals in cars or other confined spaces. “Never leave animals alone for extended periods of time without proper planning for their care and attention,” he said. “It can lead to severe discomfort, dehydration, and even death,” he continued.

This cruel abandonment cannot go unpunished. If authorities decide not to go after the person responsible, they will send the message that animal cruelty is not taken seriously. Sign the petition below to demand that authorities go after the person who left these cats to die.

The RSPCA Tasmania has responded to this petition indicating:

“Unfortunately the media report does not accurately reflect the wider story behind this rescue event, therefore we believe this petition to be well intentioned but unwittingly misguided and unfair to RSPCA staff, who each day strive to care for and protect animals.
At no stage did RSPCA Tasmania state that we would not be laying charges. The investigation is not to that stage. I can say that this case is an unusual one and has presented particular challenges with the investigations, hence the advice to media that ‘investigations are continuing.’

Our first priority was to rescue and provide care for the animals and then continue with tracking down the car ‘s (and possibly the cats’) owner. This work is ongoing and if evidence of wrongdoing or illegal acts become available to us then we would of course use all our powers to enforce the laws.”


Dear Mr. Kroeze,

Two dozen cats were recently found abandoned, locked in a car for an estimated four days. The cats were emaciated and had other health issues. They had to be rescued by RSPCA inspectors and police. If they had not been rescued, it’s quite likely that these animals would have died.

So far, though you have warned pet owners against leaving their animals in cars or other confined spaces, you have said that the RSPCA is only “considering” laying charges in relation to this abandonment. If the person responsible is allowed to get away without charges, this will send a message that animal cruelty is not taken seriously. We, the undersigned, demand that you work to find and punish the person responsible for this abandonment in order to ensure that no more animals are subjected to this same abuse.


[Your Name Here]

Photo credit: Wenliang Chen

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  1. Animal abuses continue to go unchecked BECAUSE of LAX uncaring government laws! Animal cruelty MUST NOT GO UNCHECKED! People, DEMAND strong laws against people who brutally treat animals including farm animals. It’s up to us to DEMAND ethical treatment of all creatures.

  2. Elaine Darlow says:

    To prosecute you need only ask what the intention was in leaving emaciated beings locked in the heat for four days or longer …

  3. Take this loser and tie it up in a vehicle and leave it out in the middle of the desert for a month or more see how they like it….

  4. Liz Damaschka says:

    Cruel beyond belief. Whomever was responsible for what happened needs to be hauled before the Court and be answerable for what they did. Had this happened in England they would have been prosecuted.

  5. Elizabeth McCreery says:

    This scum who left these poor cats abandoned in car should be severely punished and banned from keeping any more animals ever. I pray these cats find there forever loving homes soon

  6. This loser needs to be taught a valuable and harsh lesson on animal cruelty.

  7. Linda Hilty-Tuttle says:


  8. Grady Powell says:

    tired of things not being prosecuted for terrible animal abuse charges. start giving the names and addresses so we the people can take care of these problems since the law doesn’t want to get their hands dirty.

  9. Candy Niewinski says:

    Considering charges! Wth is wrong with you people? If you don’t do anything to punish this POS that did this to these poor, innocent cats that suffered for 4 days in a hot car,not to mention suffering before that because they were emaciated, I will have given up all hope in humanity.

  10. Catherine Jenereaux says:

    First of all why would someone have 24 cats shut in a car. Is STUPID their first name. This happens around the world, animals being shut in vehicles in high temperatures. These people should be put in a car in high temperatures, no water, no air and see how that goes. Idiots!!! The police obviously do not care about animals if they have to give it a second thought about charging them.

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