Punish Person Who Abandoned 24 Cats in a Hot Car

Target: Ray Kroeze, Chief Inspector, RSPCA Tasmania

Goal: Go after person who abandoned two dozen cats in a locked car.

Two dozen cats were recently found locked in a car on a hot day. The cats were emaciated and left in the car for an estimated four days before rescuers found them. RSPCA inspectors gained access to the car with the help of police to save the animals. After rescue, they were taken to a veterinarian where they required care for dehydration, emaciation, and myriad other health issues.

If they had not been found, it’s extremely likely that these animals would have died. According to RSPCA Tasmania chief inspector Ray Kroeze, investigators are currently “considering” whether or not to lay charges in this incident.

Kroeze did go on to warn owners against leaving their animals in cars or other confined spaces. “Never leave animals alone for extended periods of time without proper planning for their care and attention,” he said. “It can lead to severe discomfort, dehydration, and even death,” he continued.

This cruel abandonment cannot go unpunished. If authorities decide not to go after the person responsible, they will send the message that animal cruelty is not taken seriously. Sign the petition below to demand that authorities go after the person who left these cats to die.

The RSPCA Tasmania has responded to this petition indicating:

“Unfortunately the media report does not accurately reflect the wider story behind this rescue event, therefore we believe this petition to be well intentioned but unwittingly misguided and unfair to RSPCA staff, who each day strive to care for and protect animals.
At no stage did RSPCA Tasmania state that we would not be laying charges. The investigation is not to that stage. I can say that this case is an unusual one and has presented particular challenges with the investigations, hence the advice to media that ‘investigations are continuing.’

Our first priority was to rescue and provide care for the animals and then continue with tracking down the car ‘s (and possibly the cats’) owner. This work is ongoing and if evidence of wrongdoing or illegal acts become available to us then we would of course use all our powers to enforce the laws.”


Dear Mr. Kroeze,

Two dozen cats were recently found abandoned, locked in a car for an estimated four days. The cats were emaciated and had other health issues. They had to be rescued by RSPCA inspectors and police. If they had not been rescued, it’s quite likely that these animals would have died.

So far, though you have warned pet owners against leaving their animals in cars or other confined spaces, you have said that the RSPCA is only “considering” laying charges in relation to this abandonment. If the person responsible is allowed to get away without charges, this will send a message that animal cruelty is not taken seriously. We, the undersigned, demand that you work to find and punish the person responsible for this abandonment in order to ensure that no more animals are subjected to this same abuse.


[Your Name Here]

Photo credit: Wenliang Chen

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  1. Health issues ? 24 cats in a car ? Whete did they relieve themselves ? Left in a hot car – FOR 4 DAYS ? Ins Ray Kroeze “considering” ? What NONSENSE ! WOUOD HE luke to be licked in a hot car for even ONE DAY where he is unable to relieve himself using an hygienic facility ? Why is he an employee of the RSPCA if he is pnly going to “consider” taking steps against an unacceptable form of GROSS, INTENTIONAL cruelty ! How many other cases of severe cruelty gas he just brushed off !! Does he have any clue what suffering cruelty at the hands of those that are your safekeepers is like ? Does he for one minute think the cats didn’t experience EXTREME DISCOMFORT in more ways than one ? This act was worse than horrific ! Good Heaven ! The culprit should be burnt on a stake ! OF COURSE STEPS SHOULD BE TAKEN ! THERE IS ABSOLUTELY NOTHING TO CONSIDER ! I am being horrified by his action ! 👹

    • I agree with everything you said he should be fired on the spot what bullshit

    • All spot-on comments!! This is utterly INFURIATING!!!!

      I mean, seriously, leaving these poor cats in a car for FOUR DAYS means the perpetrator INTENDED for them to die!!!!! And why the hell were there 24 of them in the first place?!?! That many cats suggests this a-hole is likely a backyard breeder, on TOP of being an obvious animal abuser!

      This jerk-wad of an RSPCA chief inspector deserves to lose his job PRONTO, as his brain is clearly not capable of functioning logically, and his heart is obviously not aligned WITH the animals, as it SHOULD be in someone in that position! DISGUSTING AND FOUL corruption, is all this sounds like!

    • I agree with you too !! What sort of RSPCA inspector is this guy if he is only considering laying charges.
      Leaving pets in a car for an hour may be a mistake but this was for 4 x unbearable days for the poor cats.
      This is not a mistake but an intentional act of cruelty and neglect.

  2. Louise Jeffery says:

    I can’t imagine what it was like for those poor cats. I know there are good people who love animals but it is my belief that the majority of them do not and that man truly is the most dangerous animal on this planet. Absolutely disgusting and I expect a this to be dealt with as harshly as possible.

  3. kay allan says:

    just let the evil bastards get away with it, really, what a sick world we live in, shove the evil bastard in a nice hot car and just stand back and watch, i could do that so well. put his face on the front of all the papers, let him be seen.

    • To Kay Allan. Yes I am agree whit you. That person deserve to be in the same hot car but not to be rescue let it been there for days. Good the cats were saved. M.

  4. Quel individu méprisable, sous-humain! si la justice ne fait rien, elle n’est pas mieux, ce serait déshonorant!

  5. Denise Devereux says:

    Australian Laws just like the majority of countries in the world are piss weak. As we know the vast majority of the animals will be put down (killed) as the rspca will not be able to find homes for the majority of these animals. The animal laws should be strong against cruelty to animals not whether a person has more than one animal as many council registration laws say. Look at the individuals and don’t put all in the same basket. Many people look after several animals kindly with appropriate food and veterinary care. Go after the abusers and killers with severe penalties. Australia has a bad reputation worldwide re caring for their agricultural, wildlife and domestic animals. Check it out on the net and see how Australia rates. Very bad. Shame Australia, shame. Remember that poor man with his one sheep on tv news. They took it to the highest court in the land. He did not mistreat the animal. It was well cared for. Made the poor man loose his home in legal costs. Eventually the sheep died of natural courses. Idiot Monsters. Go after people who torture, murder and are given a slap on the wrist. This person obviously was a neglectful hoarder who put these animals through a life of hell. Law makers do your job.

  6. Eugene W Sengstake Jr says:

    “Considering” whether or not to lay charges in this incident??? You’ve got to be kidding!!! I won’t put into print what I believe the punishment should be for the bastard who would do something like this – – –

  7. Nooshin Perla says:

    WHY WHY? Don’t these morons get punished for what they do???????This planet dose NOT need these FUNGUS! We need to get red of them for good. With these evils, eye for an eye is the only way!

  8. Patricia Williams says:

    Having trouble deciding for or against punishment? Each judge should go sit in a locked car on a hot day… and Stay there!! Then we’ll talk. Duh!!

  9. CRIMES AGAINST ANIMALS MUST BE TAKEN SERIOUSLY (WHERE is Driver of car? — WHERE is owner of cats?) — Too many loonies roaming freely in our world — We must ensure this NEVER re-occurs — the depraved indifference to these animals, to these living beings, is telling of SOMETHING VERY WRONG — CRIMES AGAINST ANIMALS MUST BE TAKEN SERIOUSLY — we must NOT be lax with those responsible for abandoning these cats — REMEMBER, we do NOT want repeats of these crimes!

  10. Sueiyin Siuyin Ho says:

    This kind of appalling treatment of animals really should not go unpunished…..just goes to show how insincere some RSPCA personnel are…..I volunteered with the Melbourne branch for two years and I was horrified that the paid staff on the whole looked down on the voluntary staff and the attitudes of many of the paid staff were no better than those of prison wardens. They had the hardest hearts and they really had very little passion for their work and did not show much love or kindness to the animals in the shelter. Basically they just treated their roles just like any other administration type job and robotically went about their duties looking sour-faced and disinterested in life. I got the sack because these morons thought it wasn’t any of my business as a volunteer to talk about the issues of animal welfare with the people who came in to possibly adopt animals from the shelter. What a load of hypocrisy ruled the roost at the RSPCA (Melbourne) then – that was back in 2007-2008. Those cats need justice & compassion enacted on their behalf. That inspector needs some proper disciplinary measures taken so that he does not let the perpetrator off. The person who did this needs to be found and convicted and PUNISHED!!!!

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