Save the Iberian Lynx from Extinction


Target: President of France François Hollande, and Prime Minister of Spain Mariano Rajoy

Goal: Save the Iberian lynx from extinction in European forests

The Iberian lynx is the world’s rarest cat species. Unfortunately, over the last 200 years there has been a constant decrease in the lynx population. According to the World Wildlife Fund (WWF), there are concerns that the cats may become the first cat species to become extinct in the last 10,000 years. The decrease is so rampant that there are now only two small breeding populations in Spain. Since 1952, the cats have been captive bred and reintroduced into France, but the population is still very unstable and there are only about 200 lynxes left in France. The Iberian lynx has always been a victim of intensive hunting and deforestation, and had completely disappeared from France in the 19th century.

Since 2009, the International Union for Conservation of Nature has listed the lynx as an endangered species. The cats are dependent on the wild rabbit population, which is what they primarily feed on. If the rabbit population were to ever decline, their diet would be affected dramatically. The Iberian lynx species is critical to the stability of a strong forest ecosystem. One reason the species’ numbers have been declining so dramatically is that ranchers often hunt, shoot, and sell them to the market for profit. Fortunately, some measures have been implemented to try and restore their habitat, and these include maintaining the rabbit population, lowering unnatural causes of death, and captive breeding of the cats for release.

Please sign this petition to protect the Iberian lynx and start conservation efforts to stop their extinction.


Dear President of France François Hollande and Prime Minister of  Spain Mariano Rajoy,

Sadly, the Iberian lynx is the most threatened species of cat in Europe. If the lynx were to become extinct, it would be the first cat species to do so in 10k years. Their small population makes it extremely difficult for them to survive natural disasters. They are vulnerable creatures because there are so few of them at the moment.

Although there have been multiple warnings from different animal conservation groups that say that the cats are on the brink of extinction, there are ways to delay this sad demise. If we were to help reduce unnatural causes of death and promote captive breeding for their release, then we could reintroduce the cats again, like has already been done in France.

Please help restore the Iberian lynx’s habitat. They are beautiful creatures that should be saved.


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Photo Credit: Cmiper via Flickr

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  1. Daniela Arado says:

    It is necessary to save this beautiful linx from extintion

  2. Thank you for article, please be aware no Iberian Lynxes have been re released in France, the areas for re release are found at secret sites around the Sierra Morrena, Andalucia, Spain.

    The Iberian lynx range did once extend into Southern France but this species has not been found in France for hundreds of years.

    Its biggest threats are habitat fragmentation, associated roads and railways, low genetic diversity leading to renal problems among captive bred individuals, low rabbit density and hunting, poison baits and traps within range.

    For further information please see :

  3. Thanks guys for this article. I appreciate what you do. Can you please display the number of people who have signed for every petition, ‘cuz we are eager to know the quantity of the impact.

  4. Alexandra Borges Branco says:

    President of France??? Really??? I know the person who made this petition have good intention, but you are sending it to the wrong person. Iberian Lynx, as the name says, are from IBERIAN Peninsula, which means PORTUGAL and SPAIN, not France and Spain!!! Just graduated from Veterinary Medicine and made my internship in the Iberian Lynx Center in south of Portugal, and my thesis is about the Iberian Lynx, so I’m pretty sure of what I’m talking about. Have no idea where u got your information, but maybe is better to change the target of this petition. You are not going to get any results by sending it to the president of France. By the way, that photo is not from an Iberian Lynx.

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