Punish Farm Workers Accused of Stomping on and Sexually Abusing Live Chickens

Target: Norm Letnik, British Columbia Minister of Agriculture

Goal: Shut down chicken factory and punish employees allegedly caught on film stomping live birds and tearing them apart.

Several workers and a supervisor at a chicken factory were reportedly caught on film stomping live birds and tearing them apart. The footage shows birds being violently torn limb from limb by factory workers. Some of the baby chickens are seen being cruelly thrown into crates. One worker is apparently seen imitating sexual acts with a chicken. An undercover animal rights volunteer, who was hired to work at the Elite Farm Services factory, says that they saw these gruesome acts of cruelty being committed immediately after being hired on. The volunteer said they witnessed the birds being hit, kicked, thrown, and smashed into walls and transport crates.

The company, Elite Farm Services is a licensed chicken-catching service, hired to catch and gather chickens for transport to a slaughter plant. Demand that the company’s business license is revoked if found responsible for this cruelty.


Dear Mr. Letnik,

Employees and a supervisor for a licensed chicken-catching company, Elite Farm Services, reportedly engaged in horrifying acts of cruelty against the chickens. According to video footage obtained by an undercover animal rights volunteer, the employees were seen mangling and tearing live chickens limb from limb, smashing them into walls, throwing them, kicking them, and even simulating sex acts with the chickens.

It’s extremely disturbing that people who lead seemingly normal, everyday lives, are committing such heinous, violent acts of animal cruelty at work. There’s no reason this reported cruelty should be tolerated. We demand that this chicken factory be shut down, their catching license revoked, and the workers and supervisor involved severely punished, if found responsible.


[Your Name Here]

Photo credit: Mercy for Animals

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  1. Sorry POS that does this to chickens. Do the same thing to these people!!!

    • Natasha Glinsky says:

      Everyone needs to go vegan to stop contributing to the meat industry. It’s the only way to stop this. You will see gobs of alternatives to chicken and other animal product at health food stores.

  2. I have to puke
    These demons who work there (morden and torture) you must also be torn and stomp until the death are
    This abnormal animal torture is absolutely primitive, perverse, asocial and murderous
    They are KILLERS

  3. CRIMES AGAINST ANIMALS MUST BE TAKEN SERIOUSLY — We must ensure that all animal abusers of the world stay away from animals & NEVER “care for” animals again — the depraved indifference & negligence of these idiot-employees & their not taking into consideration the torturous suffering inflicted on these animals is telling of unconscionable, irrational & uncaring humans — employers MUST be held accountable! — CRIMES AGAINST ANIMALS MUST BE TAKEN SERIOUSLY — PUNISHMENTS & PENALTIES MUST BE SEVERE!! — We do NOT want repeats of such crimes EVER!

  4. There are scarcely words anymore. Governments and authorities worldwide seem only to sit on the fence and like cowards do nothing to stop the evil. Canada is showing itself up here, when you DO get SOME governments, (not many) determined to put a stop to deliberate cruelty to children and animals, in the developing world… Debauched abuse being let go by those who hold the power to change it ALL if they so wanted.


  6. Darlene Avery says:

    I agree with these comments. These depraved, despicable monsters should be put away for good. We must make horrific animal abuse punishable by severe jail terms. The death penalty should be on the table. These are no longer humans and we must do something to stop these psychopaths.

  7. WHAT A SICK FU#@ UP BASTARDS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!PRISON TIME!!!!!!!!!!ROTTEN IN HELL YOU BASTARDS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  8. shut these hell holes down anybody that does this kind of cruelty is a sadistic bastard and shouldn’t be around any animal

  9. This barbaric behaviour is absolutely and so completely UNACCEPTABLE!! What the hell is wrong with those horrible farm workers?! There is NO EXCUSE to treat chickens like that, NONE!! Any (so called) person who treats ANY animal like that obviously has not only some kind of mental problem but they also have some kind of serious evil issues going on too!! What are they? Spawns of Satan?! Shit like that are COWARDLY NASTY, UGLY PUNY LITTLE MEN AND BITCHES WHO ARE UGLY BLOBS OF DISEASED FLESH!! UGH!! They are nothing less than WORTHLESS COWARDS, PERIOD!!!

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