Praise French Market Chain for Dropping Dog Meat From Two Stores

Target: Georges Plassat, CEO of Carrefour Retailers

Goal: Praise French supermarket chain for dropping dog meat from two of its stores.

Carrefour, a French supermarket chain, has ceased their sale of dog meat products from two of their Chinese locations after heavy investigation and criticism. Despite the legality of pet meat in China, Asian animal rights groups have been trying to shut down the trade recently; according to Animals Asia’s director of cat and dog welfare, Irene Feng, the consumption of cat and dog meat is considered outdated by the young and middle-class citizens of China.

While two locations is a small step compared to how widespread the pet meat trade still is in China, it is a step in the right direction — when coupled with the ban on dog-flavored dishes at the Yulin food festival as well as the aforementioned view of pet meat consumption as outdated, this is an especially big step forward for China’s concern for animal welfare. Additionally, it has been reported that the pet meat trade is barbaric and inhumane in its treatment of their “livestock,” another reason the trade must be put to rest once and for all.

Carrefour has been criticized in the past for profiting off of the suffering and slaughter of cats and dogs victimized by the pet meat trade, and their response to said criticism is commendable. Sign this petition to praise the company for removing dog meat from those two stores and to encourage them to remove it entirely from their product lineup.


Dear Mr. Plassat,

Thank you for dropping the sale of dog meat products from two of your Chinese locations. Not only is the pet meat trade highly unethical, but China is one of the biggest participants in said trade. Your actions, coupled with a negative attitude toward the consumption of cat and dog meat as well as the ban of dog-flavored dishes at the Yulin festival, will hopefully improve the pet welfare conditions in China.

You have taken a great first step in helping to save millions of cats and dogs from slaughter. Please continue this trend by working to remove dog meat products from more of your locations, beginning with the ones in China.


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Photo Credit: Carrefour

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  1. mike penn says:

    Carrefour is not an animal friendly store in France or Spain so its not surprising that they sell dog and cat meat in the far east and China. The bottom line will ALWAYS be the main operating basis for these organisations and they will only change to reflect their perceived better return by so doing – in this instance the anti dog/cat meat public is gaining more support in China and Carrefour does not wish to antagonise that growing dynamic. Profits rule OK, common humanity not so.

  2. Amanie canine says:

    Many “cultural” traditions not practiced anymore such as- foot binding- scalping enemies etc. Slaughtering cats and dogs – our Companion Animals- is as abhorrent today as Human sacrifice .

  3. No, do not praise them because they are still selling products containing dog meat!
    The range of products they sell does not reflect an animal friendly policy. They are cheeky and have to be put under pressure to change this.

  4. Kathy Khoshfahm says:

    Georges – I agree with the comment above that you shouldn’t have been selling dog meat in the first place, knowing the level of pain and torture involved in processing. Two stores is a good start; show us your commitment to banning this crap forever by implementing it in all stores…

  5. Pourquoi les féliciter ?
    Ils en ont vendu!
    juste pour du fric. La Chine et la Corée mangeraient des bébés humains, carrefour en aurai vendu?
    C’est scandaleux.
    Je n irai plus dans cette enseigne

  6. Perczak Ewa says:

    what a shame for us !!! shame for carrefour !!! when the money is at stake, the humanity is forbidden !!! for the money everybody closes the eyes and book the other way ! we can not become silent about that !!! horrendous !!!

  7. Please stop the selling of cat meat too!

  8. These cretins should not be praised at all! They are still selling dog meat.We need to ensure that all that sell dog and cat meat are sent bankrupt!

  9. It is time to sell the human meat of these horrible low down scum. Force feed it to other monsters, and inflict the worst kind of suffering to these evil, lowdowners.

  10. Lisa Zarafonetis says:

    Signed & shared❗️?

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