Justice for Cats Allegedly Forced to Fight Scorpion for YouTube Video

Target: Suthisak Sucha, Thai Society of the Prevention of Cruelty Director

Goal: YouTuber who posted video of his cats being forced to fight a scorpion must face repercussions.

A young man took a video of his two cats being forced to fight with a scorpion. The cats can be heard crying out in pain, but he doesn’t bother to stop. The scorpion latches on to the naturally curious cat’s mouth, and laughter can be heard as the cat tries desperately to shake the creature off. The owner, Nate Bartling, uploaded the video, titled “Cat vs. Scorpion” to his YouTube channel, which has over 3 million subscribers. He also said that he purchased the live scorpion from a shop, but later found his cats playing with it. Other videos uploaded by Bartling show his cat being tied to helium balloons and being tossed into the air. The cat is in clear distress throughout the entire process of both videos. In yet another video, Bartling is seen holding the cat by its arms and legs, holding it upside down in the air before cruelly dropping the cat over a pillow.

Multiple people, including another YouTube channel owner, reported the cruel video to the police. Before filing a police report, one viewer said that she consulted with a veterinarian who told her that scorpions can be deadly to cats. “If you look at the clip, you can see that animal cruelty was committed,” said the Lieutenant Colonel of Huai Khwang Police station. The issue is being investigated, he added. As one of the people who reported the cruelty stated, there are a lot of young people who watch the channel and they’re going to want to follow this man’s example. That’s why we must pressure the authorities to make sure that this animal cruelty case is treated seriously. Please sign this petition to demand that Bartling face serious repercussions, if the investigation concludes that he’s guilty of animal cruelty.


Dear Suthisak Sucha,

A young man posted a YouTube video called “Cat vs. Scorpion,” where his cats are seen being forced to fight with a scorpion. Laughter can be heard when the scorpion latches onto the cat’s mouth as the animal tries desperately to shake it off. Despite the cat’s visible and audible distress, the owner never stops the “fight.” Other videos also show this man being cruel to his cats for entertainment purposes. In one video, he’s holding the poor animal above a pillow by its arms and legs, belly-up before letting go.

There are over 3 million subscribers to this man’s YouTube channel. That means millions of people, including young people who are easily influenced, have been exposed to this so-called entertainment. This is no way to treat pets, and there’s no reason innocent animals should be used like this for entertainment and views. We, the undersigned, are calling on you to see to it that this man faces repercussions for his actions, if guilty of animal cruelty.


[Your Name Here]

Photo credit: Nate Bartling

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  1. Bartling is clearly mentally unstable — WHERE are the authorities? — Get these cats, who suffer 24/7, out of that horror house immediately & bring them to Cat Rescuers — Criminals like the idiot-monster Bartling should not be walking the streets appearing as if normal — they’re a danger to society — we MUST stop them permanently & ensure no copycats are realized! == CRIMES AGAINST ANIMALS MUST BE TAKEN SERIOUSLY — PUNISHMENTS & PENALTIES MUST BE SEVERE!! — REMEMBER, we do NOT want repeats of these crimes!

  2. Lisa Allred Lisa Zarafonetis says:

    Another disgusting bastard who needs to rot in hell❗️?
    Signed & Shared?

  3. Dumb stupid cunts you should be stomped to death…. wicked sons if bitches!!!

  4. Stand up for the cats and keep Bartling in jail for a long while. See to it that he never owns any animals again, if possible. He makes me afraid for mankind’s future.

  5. Lock this sadistic vile cunt away permanently . He needs fucking torturing in jail .
    I have to say it: “has 1 animal life for me worth more – than 1 million people.” because who atrocities much and mass murders are in order or makes himself, his life is not worth it.
    of great atrocity, Noxious
    heap of shit
    scum of the earth
    Why do not you just go to hell
    Sadistic vile cunt
    Hang on this whore son

  6. Do your jobs and start prosecution.

  7. Whatever cowardly troll like creature that had the gall to video tape these kitty cats and scorpions on YOU TUBE for Christ sakes?!! Those butches NEED TO BE PUNISHED!! Come on you tube people!! How could you let somebody post this bullshit!! Are you people ok with animal abuse? Because if you are I will never go on your site again and ill make sure everybody I know stays off it too!! This is dispicable!!

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