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Target: New York Governor Andrew Cuomo

Goal: Pass a law that will help regulate puppy mills in New York

New York Governor Andrew Cuomo will soon decide whether or not to approve a bill that will help crack down on puppy mills and breeders. Assemblywoman Linda B. Rosenthal presented the legislation after the owner of a kennel in Montgomery County was charged with animal cruelty for not providing adequate shelter for his dogs during record-setting cold temperatures. Governor Cuomo has already proposed several new laws to help fight animal cruelty and this is yet another that deserves our support.

The new law would give municipal governments authority to enforce stronger laws than those currently existing at the state level. Essentially, local ordinances must be at least as strict as state law, but have the limitation that new laws cannot ban the sale of dogs or cats raised in safe and healthy environments. Municipalities, however, will have the ability to enact more severe laws than those of the state, which means that towns where there are more breeders can ensure the welfare of the animals without affecting the sale of animals in other parts of the state. The New York State Department of Agriculture will continue to enforce state laws dealing with breeders, kennels, animal sales, and general animal welfare. If a municipality chooses to adopt stronger local laws, however, enforcement of the rules and penalties exceeding those of state laws will be the responsibility of the municipality.

Rosenthal, herself, described the bill best: “Municipalities from Buffalo to New York City, the North Country to Long Island will be able to pass tough new laws to crack down on puppy mills and bad breeders who place profit above the health and safety of animals. They will also be able to prevent situations like the one that recently occurred in Sprakers, NY, where nearly 100 dogs were left outside for days to freeze to death in arctic-like weather conditions.”

New York continues to be the leader in the United States when if comes to fighting animal cruelty. Please take a moment and sign the petition below to help the puppy mill bill be passed into law and continue New York’s success.


Dear Governor Cuomo,

Assemblywoman Linda Rosenthal recently proposed a bill known as the “puppy mill bill” that would give local governments the authority to enforce stronger animal welfare laws than those at the state level in order to crack down on breeders and puppy mills. This is an outstanding bill that would allow the state to keep a close eye on breeders, prevent cruelty, and save the lives of animals.

New York remains the most progressive state when it comes to animal welfare. Please pass this bill into law to protect its dogs from inhumane conditions and see that it remains the standard for which other states should reach.


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  1. These massive numbers of illegal puppy mills creates the blood baths all over the country every year. Large numbers of totally helpless innocent animals are mercilessly put to death because of the greedy subhumans keep breeding non stop with no concern towards the animals or their welfare. The time has come to bring forth the new rules and regulations for breeding such animals at any given time. These animals are being subjected to live in vicious and horrible conditions with no medical care or freedom or any love shown to them. If the Animal breeding issue is not solved ASAP this country is becoming a murder grounds for taking helpless animals precious lives away brutally and without any faults of their own. If the Bill is not being passed and utilized then there is some thing terribly wrong here. It sould be a shame on those governing parties and shows the lack of concern about the Animals and their welfare issues. I hope & pray that this bill will be passed and those Thugs who make money out of vulnerable helpless animals by breeding them & selling will be brought to justice. “The Greatness of a Nation & it’s Moral progress can be judged by the way it’s Animals are Treated” -Mahatma Gandhi-

  2. this would be more than a mile stone if we can stop puppy mills we can get more shelters animals homes and better lives don’t need to breed more animals we have plenty in shelters who need homes, love and are more than willing to love back given that forever home no more breeding. Too many animals die since there arent enough homes to go around abusers, etc

  3. “Not to hurt our humble brethren is our first duty to them but to stop there is not enough. We have a higher mission — to be of service to them whenever they require it.” — St. Francis of Assisi.

  4. Barbara Van Tuyl says:

    Puppy mills are nothing more than another step up the ladder of GREED. The reprehensible people who engage in this business are immoral, inhumane perverts. They don’t care a bit about the dams of the puppies nor the puppies themselves and will pawn off even ailing puppies into pet stores and online sales. I have often thought that assessing punitive damages against the puppy mill perpetrators PLUS jail time and significant community service would be well in order and would hit these despicable toads in their wallet. Failing that, ANYTHING which will end at least some of the trafficking in dog beings would/will be of help and welcomed by anyone concerned with animal welfare.

  5. Why regulate? Why not BANNING instead??!!! Regulate is not going to help pet overpopulation!!! Its better to BAN once & for all

  6. Beth Knalfa says:

    BAN puppy mills. Only allow sale of shelter dogs under strict scrutiny. STOP BREEDING MORE AND MORE DOGS!

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