Tell Major Airline to End Partnership with SeaWorld

orcas in Russia

Target: CEO of Southwest Airlines Gary C. Kelly

Goal: Urge Southwest Airlines to stand up for orcas by ending its promotional partnership with SeaWorld, where captive orcas are abused and forced to endure extreme boredom

Despite media and news outlets nationwide exposing the abuse and mistreatment of orca whales living in captivity at SeaWorld, well-known airline carrier Southwest Airlines has chosen not to end its professional relationship with the marine park.

With the release of documentaries such as 2013′s “Blackfish,” SeaWorld can no longer cover up its long history of abuse and neglect. In most cases, the animals performing at marine parks have been kidnapped from their natural ocean home, transported to a small concrete tank and isolated from the rest of their kind. Due to intense boredom, captive orcas often become incredibly aggressive toward one another once they are released to the main tank, biting at each others’ dorsal fins and even killing other members of their makeshift pod. Sadly, this aggression has also resulted in the deaths of several experienced SeaWorld trainers.

Recently, Southwest tried to defend its partnership with SeaWorld, claiming that their professional relationship is based on “…travel and bringing families together.” However, as “Blackfish” viewers witnessed, SeaWorld is actually in the business of tearing orca families apart. Adult orcas are kidnapped from the ocean and from their pods, while orca calves bred in captivity are unwillingly transported to other SeaWorld parks, leaving their grieving mothers behind.

Let Southwest Airlines know that its partnership with SeaWorld reflects poorly on the company, and urge it to immediately end all ongoing promotions with the morally bankrupt marine park.


Dear Mr. Kelly,

I was incredibly disappointed to learn that Southwest Airlines has not ended its partnership with SeaWorld despite extensive evidence that the marine park abuses and mistreats its animals, particularly orca whales.

By continuing your partnership with SeaWorld, you are supporting the suffering of a beautiful, intelligent creature. Orcas held captive in marine parks such as SeaWorld have been kidnapped from their natural ocean home and confined to small concrete tanks where they are isolated from their makeshift pods. Due to intense boredom and their rigorous training schedules, captive orcas often become incredibly aggressive toward one another and have even been known to kill their human trainers.

Documentaries such as “Blackfish” have alerted the public to SeaWorld’s long history of abuse and neglect, and the marine park’s attendance is dropping rapidly as a result. Educated consumers have turned against the company for the betterment of orcas, and they will turn against your company as well if you continue to support such a heartless industry.

Please do your part to stop orca abuse and imprisonment by ending Southwest Airlines’ partnership with SeaWorld.


[Your Name Here]

Photo Credit: Antony Pranata via Flickr

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  1. If they can’t find ethics, morals and honor on their own. BOYCOTT them, their products, business until they do.


  2. WiZaRd Of The Wolf Nation says:

    Boycott the entire airline industry!!
    They’re all a rip-off!!

  3. When I contacted Southwest Airlines about this matter, they responded:
    “Dear Helene,

    Thank you for your e-mail regarding Blackfish and our partnership with SeaWorld. Southwest has a longstanding relationship with SeaWorld that is based on travel and bringing families together. We are currently in a multi-year contract with SeaWorld, and we are not contemplating changes to that at this time. We are engaged with Sea World related to the recent concerns being raised. We are in a listening and education mode with the goal of upholding our commitments as a good corporate citizen, so we appreciate your bringing your concerns to our attention.

    As a responsible member of the community and a Company that values conservation, we support several organizations and events that are devoted to maintaining the natural world, and we understand the importance of this issue. If you’d like to know more about Southwest’s commitment to the triple bottom line of Performance, People, and Planet, please read our Southwest Airlines One Report at


    Lxxxxx, Southwest Airlines”

    Keep the pressure on this airline!!

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